Technical Assistance

The AzEIP technical assistance system provides support to early intervention programs, providers, and families.

The Technical Assistance and Monitoring Specialists or TAMS, are a part of the AzEIP system and are staffed through Northern Arizona University, Institute for Human Development, AzEIP Staff Development and Training Project.

The TAMS work in partnership with AzEIP to provide training, technical assistance, and monitoring with programs and providers for:

  • Support of the Team Based Model 
  • Training on early intervention topics
  • Conducting the AzEIP Policies and Professionalism training
  • Assistance with completion of Program Registration, Self-Reports, Improvement Plans and Corrective Action Plans

Family Technical Assistance and Monitoring Specialist or Family TAMS:

  • Provides technical assistance to families
  • Engages in technical assistance and monitoring activities with providers and programs
  • Designs and implements public awareness activities with focus on families
  • Encourages family participation in AzEIP and related educational activities

Contact your local TAMS.