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Tech transfer

What is technology transfer?

Technology transfer is the process of transferring knowledge, discoveries, and innovations resulting from university research to the public realm. At NAU, technology transfer includes (but is not limited to) the following activities:

  • identifying research projects that have commercial potential and developing the results of these projects into viable technologies
  • protecting these technologies both nationally and internationally, which often begins once research results are publicly disclosed
  • marketing these technologies to the right industries and promoting the NAU research enterprise
  • building and managing relationships with industry partners
  • licensing technology and patent rights for commercial development
  • managing those licenses for the life of the legal rights

Benefits of technology transfer

The transfer of intellectual property (IP) from the university to industry benefits NAU in many ways:

  • Transforming research outcomes into technologies, such as medical assays or cybersecurity solutions, is an important mechanism through which we disseminate research results by providing goods and services. In fact, technology licensing and commercialization is sometimes the best method for sharing knowledge with society.
  • In instances where revenues are earned through commercialization, income is returned to the university and is invested back into NAU’s research enterprise.
  • The relationships we build with industry partners and potential licensees can help support continuing research at NAU.
  • Revenues we receive from the commercialization of IP developed by researchers are shared with those researchers.
  • Faculty, staff, and students benefit by learning about patent law, the process of commercialization, and economic development through their involvement in the technology transfer process itself.

Advisory Board and Intellectual Property Committee

The NAU Innovations Advisory Board provides strategic guidance, advice, and suggestions to NAU Innovations on issues related to industry partnerships, sponsors, and commercialization. Learn more about the board and its current members.

The NAU Intellectual Property Committee reviews proposed changes to intellectual property policy, makes recommendations associated with proposed changes, and reviews disputes by employees and others.  Learn more about the committee and its current members.

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