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Hands-on learning at NAU

Dive deep into your study area

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At NAU, we know how important it is for you to gain experience in your chosen field of study. Here, you can immerse yourself in your area of interest through internships and numerous other hands-on learning opportunities.

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On average, nearly 
students participate in research and internships each year
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Our student teachers serve in 

Opportunities across campus

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You will find opportunities for experiential learning in all departments across campus. Work with world-renowned professors on research projects, perform in—or manage—plays and operas, organize hospitality events, and so much more. You can also gain experience through an internship.

Find hands-on learning experiences through your degree program and discover NAU’s impact on Flagstaff and beyond.

“There’s a lot of resources you get with being in Interns-to-Scholars. You can apply for grants where you can create your own research project and pay yourself. And the connections you make are tremendous.”
– Helena Moomjian, BS Geography, Environment, and Society, ’24

Pursue your passions and make connections

Will Oldroyd outside observatory
“My main research focuses on the outer solar system, so things around Pluto and further out. One of the main projects that I am working on is looking for another planet in our solar system, usually called Planet X. I use the supercomputer here on campus, Monsoon, to do lots and lots of computer simulations that test where the planet could be and gravitational signatures that show if the planet is there.”
– Will Oldroyd, pursuing a doctorate in Astronomy and Planetary Science, Flagstaff Campus

Find connections

Mark Molinaro, Senior Lecturer, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, advises you to “put yourself out there” to connect with others on campus and demonstrate your passions.