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Students walk together at Flagstaff mountain campus

Life as a college student in Flagstaff, Arizona

Come for the climate, stay for the community

Students laugh at a restaurant in downtown Flagstaff.

Flagstaff—the home of Northern Arizona University’s main campus—is a welcoming place, full of superlatives. It offers the tallest mountain in the state…and the cleanest air and darkest skies you’ll find anywhere.

Glen Dsilva at Buffalo Park
“I’m not used to people being so friendly in India. At least from where I come from in Mumbai, it’s a city, and it’s a fast city. People don’t have time for you. But when I came to Flagstaff, I was like, wow, people randomly smile at you. People are so friendly. They care about you. Now, I cherish that.”
– Glen D'Silva, Mechanical Engineering PhD '23, Flagstaff Campus

Live on campus and be at the center of the action

“I arrived in Flagstaff undecided and uncertain about my future. I was quickly captivated by the Psychological Sciences program. Supportive faculty led me to an active role in undergraduate research. That exposure helped me commit to a desire for higher learning. My tenure at NAU allowed me to embrace my distinctive background as a first-generation student and trailblaze my career aspirations.”
– José Olais, BS Psychological Sciences, ’19, Flagstaff Campus

Build a life that’s true to you

Student rides bike in front of residence hall.
award winner for being a Bicycle Friendly University
The League of American Bicyclists
Students in graduation gowns and caps sit in a row in auditorium.
We are a 
producer of bachelor's degrees for Native American and Hispanic students.
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
“As an event programmer, I’ve been the planning force behind some of our biggest concerts, important speakers, and fun events for students. Here, I’ve had to push myself by learning to make hard decisions, direct a group of people, and think creatively. I feel like I’ve accomplished exactly what I wanted to do—create memorable experiences for others. Along the way, I also reshaped myself into a more confident person.”
– Emma Gray, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management with an undergraduate certificate in Hospitality Event Management and a minor in Business, '19, Flagstaff Campus