Instructional Leadership, emphasis: K-12 School Leadership (MEd)
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The College of Education has many labs open for faculty and student use

Explore the available options for both faculty and student use, open to those affiliated with the College of Education.

COE labs on the Flagstaff campus

Learn more about our array of on-campus labs.

Curriculum lab

The College of Education’s curriculum lab provides educational materials and resources to university students and faculty. We offer a wide array of professional literature on topics varying from counseling to whole-language instruction. Some of our other resources include textbooks and children’s literature. Materials can be checked out for up to eight days.

Location and hours of operation:

Eastburn Education Center (Bldg. 27), Room 188

Hours are variable and can be found posted on the lab door. For an appointment outside of posted hours, contact Garrett Ellsworth.

Practicum clinic

Free counseling is available for students and members of the community. Graduate students in the Department of Educational Psychology provide counseling under the supervision of licensed counseling faculty. Counseling can be done in person or via Zoom.

Location and hours of operation:

Eastburn Education Building (Bldg. 27), Room 169, Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Available resources:

  • admin office that handles scheduling and materials distribution
  • six clinical rooms designed for individual testing, personal counseling, and tutoring
  • two “conference” rooms for group counseling
  • supervision/observational rooms which allow faculty members to provide supervision to students while they counsel, test, and conference
  • a webcam (in each clinical room)

For more information about receiving counseling, call us at 928-523-7135 or contact us by email at Email is the best way to reach us as it is a more efficient and secure means of communication.

Test clinic

A variety of tests—intelligence, vocational development, personality, achievement, and language—are available for qualified students and faculty to check out.

Protocols are available for purchase by qualified individuals.

Location and hours of operation:

Eastburn Education Building (Bldg. 27), Room 169

Monday–Wednesday 8 a.m.–6 p.m., and Thursday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Hybrid Mac/PC teaching lab

This computer lab is assigned as a teaching lab for all ETC undergraduate classes but is open to education students when classes are not being held. Please note that logins require Dana or Jan accounts.


Eastburn Education Building (Bldg. 27), Room 189

Available resources:

  • 24 student stations
  • 21.5″ wide screen dual-boot Intel iMacs
  • Mac side: Mountain Lion 10.8
  • Win side: Windows 7
  • one teacher dual-boot Intel iMac station with SMART Board
  • two portable SMART Board carts with dual-boot Mac Pros
  • one teacher dual-boot Intel iMac station with Smart E70 TV
  • one HP 8150 printer (pages printed cost 10¢ per page which is billed to your bursar account)

MAC teaching lab

All members of the NAU community can log in with their NAU ID.


Eastburn Education Building (Bldg. 27), Room 185

Available resources:

  • 26 student stations (21” Apple iMac)
  • Mac OXS Mojave
  • One Instructor station (21” Apple iMac)
  • Jacks print station

PC lounge lab

Please note that logins require a Dana or Jan account.


Eastburn Education Building (Bldg. 27), second-floor open lounge area

Available resources:
  • 9 student stations (Dell Optiplex 7450 AiO)
  • Windows 10
  • Jacks print station