Civic Engagement Minor

Few universities or colleges offer curriculum that is focused on the development of civic agency of students through community engagement.  The Civic Engagement Minor is available to any student who has the curricular opportunity to take a minor with their major.  NAU has been recognized as a national leader in this area.  Work in civic engagement  was recognized by the White House and the Department of Education in January 2012 in a White House event on higher education that included NAU and one other university as exemplars.  

The premise of the Civic Engagement minor is that grassroots democratic theory and practice can and should mutually inform each.  Students will acquire a broad education in democracy, power, and the skills that bring about change to enhance the commonwealth from the local level, to national and transnational scales through a series of intentional and sequenced learning experiences.  Experiential and leadership training will provide students with a deep and broad understanding of a career as a vocation, in which personal flourishing and broad public purposes are intertwined.  This will enhance students’ employability, vocational connections, and relationships, as well as their capacities to work in diverse, complex, and dynamic situations.  The minor enables students to participate in a transformative initiative in which the NAU community participates in numerous partnerships with surrounding communities in order to become better stewards and citizens.

Students who complete this degree will acquire a broad education and real world experience in democratic action, empowerment, and build skills that bring about change on local, national, global levels.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in numerous and diverse partnerships with surrounding communities in order to become better leaders, stewards, and citizens.

Civic Engagement Minor graduates will gain pertinent skills in:

  • Peer mentoring and group leadership skills among diverse community partners
  • Interdisciplinary research and analysis of real-world issues
  • Strategies of community-based organizing and community leadership
  • The collective creation and visioning of democratic, just, and sustainable communities
  • Acknowledgement of diverse perspective and traditions, attentive listening, and thoughtful communication

How to sign up? It's easy!


  1. From your Louie account, click on the change major button.
  2. Click on add minor, search for Civic Engagement minor.
  3. Choose this minor, confirm your interest in completing the process.
  4. Map out your courses of interest and register online and with your academic advisor.

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