What’s an advisor and how do I get one?

 Jacks Planner and Jack’s Advisor are valuable tools that will be gradually brought on-line during the 2015-2016 Academic year.  Please learn how to use them as soon as you are able to streamline the advising process.  However, it is important to continue meeting with your advisor at least once a semester to insure your on-track in your scheduling and satisfactorily moving toward graduation.  An advisor will help you figure out which classes you should take to complete your degree, and they can offer additional resources when needed, including career advisement. Theatre majors entering as freshman will be advised by the Gateway Student Success Center for the first three terms of study. Transfer students will be advised by the department immediately. Minors should be proactive and meet with a Theatre advisor at least once a year.

Please follow this Link for the most current NAU THEATRE CATALOG requirements.

Theatre faculty academic advisors

Beginning in your fourth term if you enter as a freshman or your second term if you enter as a transfer, you will be assigned a theatre faculty academic advisor. Many students choose to be assigned to a faculty member with whom they’ve already established a mentoring relationship. Please see the Theatre Administrative Associate in the Main office for Advisor changes. 

As you face the challenges of academic life, we urge you to seek guidance from your advisor. Even if you feel confident in your course navigation, we require you to check in with your advisor before registering for classes.