Emily Marie Benson Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Description

The Emily Marie Benson Memorial Scholarship was established on November 12, 2003.  The fund was established by Mark and Valerie Caro and the family and friends of Emily. 

Emily Marie Benson was a child of many attributes, a child of many talents, a child of God. 

When you met Emily, you knew she was somebody special.  She had grown into a beautiful young lady, both inside and out.  She had this spark of energy that flowed through her and would always shine in her smile.  She was a risk-taker, always adventurous, looking for the next big roller coaster to plummet on.  She was a care-taker with a heart of gold, always ready to help her family and loving them with her entire being.  She was disciplined, earning her Black Belt in Taekwondo and helping to train other students.  She was creative, an artist in the making.  She was a lover of zoos, especially those hippos.  She had an air of innocence, always a kid at heart.  She lived every day to the fullest.  She was a child with an illness. 

Emily was diagnosed with diabetes at the young age of 18 months.  It was an illness that she did not allow to take over her life.  She did not like having to fight a constantly changing enemy every day of her life, but she did, and never asked for pity.  On days when her enemy seemed invincible, she would call on those who loved her to help her through the difficult times.  Emily repeatedly said that she could always count on God, her parents, family, and friends.  Emily was a role model, always helping others learn and cope with their diabetes.  She even aspired to become a doctor in order to help others and save lives. 

When you met Emily, you never met a child with an illness ... you met an inspiration. 

Scholarship Criteria 

  • US Citizen 
  • Full time Enrollment 
  • Freshman preferred 
  • Documented disability or significant medical condition 

Required Documentation

  • NAU Online Scholarship Application
  • Resume describing your personality, activities, awards, special performances and talents, and any other information that you believe to be relevant. 
  • One-page essay describing how you are able to see past the barriers of your medical condition and how it benefits and inspires you to reach your goals and overcome challenges on a daily basis. 
  • Letter of recommendation completed by a faculty member, high school counselor or employer who is very familiar with you, your academic background and/or financial need. 
  • Letter from current physician describing you, your attitude toward your condition, specifics of that condition and any other information that your physician feels is relevant. 
  • Unofficial high school transcripts for incoming freshman.  The last three academic semester transcripts for continuing students.  Photocopies of LOUIE printouts are acceptable. 

Send to

Submit requested documents online via the NAU Online Scholarship Application or mail them to:
NAU Office of Student Financial Aid
PO Box 4108
Flagstaff, AZ  86011-4108 

Due Date of Application 


March 1st of each year


Length of Scholarship

One year


Amount of Scholarship



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Amount of Each Scholarship Awarded Last Year