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AmeriCorps at NAU

Earn an award to help pay for college

As a qualifying member, you could use your AmeriCorps Segal Education Award to pay for current education expenses, non-credit-earning classes or activities, or to pay back qualified student loans. Your award amount is based on the length of your service term.

Requesting and receiving your AmeriCorps award

  1. Log in to your account at AmeriCorps.
  1. Select “Segal Education Award Request,” enter NAU’s information, the specific term, the specific year, and the amount you want to use for the term. If you’re requesting a loan payment or forbearance, you must contact your loan provider. NAU is not your loan provider.
  1. Once NAU receives your AmeriCorps certification request, the award will be certified and the certification will be sent back to AmeriCorps electronically.
    • For the award to be certified, you must be currently enrolled, or have been enrolled in the most recent semester for which you are requesting the award.
    • Your award may be denied or reduced if your total aid ends up being more than your total cost of attendance.
  1. When AmeriCorps receives the certification from NAU, they’ll pass along half the payment to NAU within 14 business days after your classes begin. They’ll send the other half 14 days after NAU’s tuition refund deadline.
  1. Once the NAU Student and Departmental Accounts receives the payment from AmeriCorps, the payment is forwarded to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for processing. Processing can take 7 to 10 business days. You may log into LOUIE to view your award.
  1. Please note: Even if you’re expecting an AmeriCorps award, you’re still responsible for paying all tuition and fees by the deadline. If you pay your tuition, fees, and all other charges before the tuition deadline, the AmeriCorps award will be refunded to you once it is received. If there are any remaining charges on your account, the AmeriCorps award will be automatically applied to the remaining charges before refunding any balance to you.

AmeriCorps award-eligible non-credit programs

To use an AmeriCorps award for one of these programs, contact the program directly.

*Note: When using an AmeriCorps award for the Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy, you should manually enter the academy name (instead of NAU) in the institution/organization field.