Scholarships FAQ

Q: Scholarships - I received a scholarship from a private donor. Should I report it to the Office of Student Financial Aid?
A:   If you are receiving scholarships from federal, state, university or private donor sources, you MUST report the scholarship to the Office of Student Financial Aid.
Q: Scholarships - When will I see the AIMS Scholarship posted?
A:   NAU receives notification of AIMS awards from the Arizona Board of Regents by the end of July each year. If there are questions regarding eligibility, please contact your High School guidance counselor, who certifies the information to the Arizona Board of Regents.
Q: Scholarships - I am a student with a scholarship check from a private donor, or I am a private donor; how do I have my scholarship applied?
A:   Please send all checks, made payable to Northern Arizona University, to the Scholarship Office, PO Box 4108 Flagstaff, AZ 86011 with an award letter detailing who is to receive the check (NAU ID# or SSN) and how the check is to be applied (Fall only, Spring only, full year, etc.). If no information is provided checks will automatically be split; half applied for the Fall and half applied for the Spring.
Q: Scholarships - Why do the AIMS and NAU Merit based Scholarships not work in conjunction with other waivers, such as the EARP?
A:   AIMS and the NAU Merit-based Scholarships (President, Dean, and NAU Merit) are all waivers and as such can only be applied up to the amount of tuition. NAU automatically applies the award that is of the most benefit to the student since the various scholarships all have the same renewal criteria. These awards do not waive fees or other charges.
Q: Scholarships - What scholarships are available and how can I get more?
A:   Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, financial need, and/or personal background. Some have specific requirements or conditions that must be met, and many awards are renewable each year. Incoming freshmen are automatically considered for some academic scholarships once they are accepted to NAU. The Office of Student Financial Aid has a Scholarship Application (available January of each year) that is reviewed by most NAU departments and many private donors. This enables students to submit their information for many scholarships in one place. We also recommend that students look at our scholarship page for additional scholarship opportunities.
Q: Scholarships - I received a private or department scholarship. Why isn't it showing up on my account?
A:   Scholarships are posted to students' accounts once the award letter and check have been received by the donor. Students are encouraged to follow up with the donor to see when the check was or will be sent to NAU. Once received, the scholarship should be on the account in a couple days.