How to Apply

Important Information

The letter of interest that you submit as part of your Scholarship Interest Form is a critical component of your application. Letters that are not well written, include spelling and/or grammatical errors, or lack substance will impact the committee review of your file. It is expected that you will provide a professional, well written letter that is approximately one page in length. In the letter you should provide information to the Committee explaining why you are attending college, listing your career goals and aspirations, and providing other pertinent information related to specific scholarship criteria. You are not applying for a specific scholarship, however; if you have particular circumstances that qualify you for a scholarship (such as graduation from a particular high school or plans to student teach in a certain area) this would be very helpful information to include in your letter.
By asking to be considered for COE scholarships you are giving your consent for NAU to release your personal information to donors who will be considering you for scholarships. This includes, but is not limited to, your application information (resume, letter, etc.) GPA, year in school, financial need, major, etc. Also, should you be selected to receive a scholarship, the donor may request updates of your progress at NAU including GPA, classes taken, financial need, etc. Only donors seriously considering you for scholarships and approved by the NAU Scholarship Office may have access to this information and no information will be provided to any other outside sources.