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Scholarship FAQ

NAU College of Education scholarship information

Below are commonly asked questions concerning COE scholarships.

Important dates

  • When can I fill out my COE scholarship application?: The application opens to students in January every year. To start your application, please visit our scholarship application page.

  • When do I find out if I have been awarded a scholarship?: Scholarship award letters are sent out after the scholarship committee meets, typically in June after the application closes.

  • Why do I have to complete my FAFSA so early to be considered for a scholarship?: Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need. You must fill out your FAFSA application to determine whether you qualify for need-based scholarships. Please note that to qualify for ANY COE Scholarship, you must complete your FAFSA first.

Completing your application

  • How do I apply for more than one COE scholarship?: You only need to fill out one application to be considered for all available COE scholarships.

  • Does completing the COE application automatically qualify me for other university-wide scholarships?: No. If you want to be considered for other scholarships outside the COE, you will need to fill out their applications.

  • Who can I ask for help with technical difficulties while submitting my application?: For assistance, please send an email to the development team.

  • If I miss the submission date, is there any way I can be considered for a scholarship?: Unfortunately, the College of Education is unable to accept late submissions. We strongly encourage students who miss the deadline to visit the Financial Aid website to explore other scholarship opportunities that may be available.
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Financial considerations


  • What is the scholarships banquet?: The COE scholarships banquet is hosted annually in Flagstaff on the Friday of Family Weekend during the academic year your scholarship money is received. The event is meant to introduce student scholarship recipients to their donors and give everyone an opportunity to celebrate academic achievement and excellence.

  • I don’t have an NAU login. Can I still apply for a COE scholarship?: If you would like to apply for a College of Education scholarship but have not yet been assigned an NAU login, please email the scholarship committee office for further instructions.

  • What happens to scholarships that are not accepted or given out?: Unclaimed scholarships are offered to the next highest-scoring eligible student. If there are no applicants who qualify for a specific scholarship, those funds will roll over to the next academic year.

  • Why are the details in the written letter so critical?: The student letter is a critical component of your application and is often a deciding factor in higher versus lower scores. Please visit our scholarship information webpage for more information.