Important Information

Application Instructions:  Please read before filling out application

Note:  When initiating the Scholarship Application, you will be required to login with your NAU user ID and password.  If you do not have a NAU user ID, please notify the Scholarship Committee Office via email at

Scholarship Application steps and instructions:

  • Step 01 - This information will automatically populate based on the information you have provided to the Registrar's Office and on your Financial Aid form.  You are responsible for reviewing this information to be sure it is correct.  If you notice any incorrect or blank fields, please contact us at
  • Step 02 - This step contains some additional questions that you are required to answer.
  • Step 03 - Written Portion:  We suggest you create and save your information in a Word document before opening the application and then cut and paste into the on-line application.
    • Honors and Awards:  List any honors or awards you have received with date received.  (For example:  Dean’s List, National Honor Society, etc.)
    • Extracurricular Activities:  Report any relevant activities, including organizational membership with dates active.  (For example:  High school and college clubs, organizations and offices held, sports, cheer, choir, band, etc.)
    • Volunteer Activities / Community Service with dates active.  (For example:  Church or other religious affiliation activities, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, youth groups, coaching, etc.)
    • Employment:  Please include name of employer, job title, responsibilities, length of employment, indicate whether full time or part time.
    • Student Letter:  This student letter is a critical component of your application. Your letter should include the following information:  
      • Explain why you are attending college.
      • Describe your career goals and aspirations.
      • Describe how a monetary award for college expenses will help you attain your goals.
      • Provide other pertinent information related to specific scholarship criteria.  
      • You are not applying for a specific scholarship, however; if you have particular circumstances that qualify you for a scholarship (such as graduation from a particular high school, plans to student teach in a certain geographic area, or are a member of a particular tribe) this would be very helpful information to include in your letter. Please be aware that if your letter is not well written, includes spelling and/or grammatical errors, or lacks substance the review of your application will be negatively impacted. It is expected that you will provide a professional, well written letter that is approximately one page in length (450 words minimum/500 words maximum).   
      • Copying and pasting your “Why I want to be a teacher” letter from a PEU admission application would not meet the criteria for this letter.
  • Step 04 - Review and Verify:  At this point you will be able to see your whole application.  Please review you application very carefully.  If you notice any incorrect or blank fields, you can return to that portion of the application and make any changes you like.  If you application looks complete and correct, you will verify this and move onto the next step.  If you are unable to submit, this means that you have incomplete fields somewhere in the application.  To correct this you must contact us at
  • Step 05 - Submit and Confirmation:  This is the point where you actually submit your application.  Applications that have been submitted cannot be changed.  Once you have submitted your application successfully you will receive an email stating that your application has been received.  It is your responsibility to save both your Word document and this confirmation email.

Scholarship Application

If you have read and understand the above instructions please go to the COE Scholarship Application to begin.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Several scholarships are awarded based on financial need.  To be considered for these need based scholarships you must have completed your FAFSA ( prior to the College of Education scholarship application submission deadline on Friday January 31st 2014.

Applying for a scholarship without a NAU login

If you would like to apply for a scholarship but have not yet been assigned a NAU login please email the Scholarship Committee Office for further instructions.

Technical Problems

If you experience any technical problems while completing the COE Scholarship Application, please email the COE Scholarship Development Team.

Additional Scholarships available to College of Education students can be found at