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Cast Lists for the Fall productions are as follows:

The Comedy of Errors

Duke Solinus - Colton Quintana
Egeon - Marcus Strocks
Antipholus Ephesus - Nick Hodge
Antipholus Syracuse - Keagan Hughes
Dromio Ephesus - Baliegh Jordan
Dromio Syracuse - Hanna Palazzi
Angelo - Kishan Batcheldor
Balthasar - Ethan Hoover
Officer - Sean Lang
Dr. Pinch - Logan White
Merchant - Chelsea Karnes
Adriana - Caitlin Shepherd
Luciana - Alexia Coppell
Luce - Dani Mancini
Courtesan - Audrey Young
Abbess - Savanah Case
Nell - Jade Dillard
Attendants - Ella Joseph, Leticia Carrasco
Sarah - Heather Coleman
Jenny - Carter Conaway
Daughter - Grace Novak 
Daughter - Sera Young
Daughter - Imani Barnett
Daughter - Sonja Usher
Daughter - Jessyca Goodwin 
Congratulations to all those that were cast!

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