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The Department of Business Administration and Leadership

What does our department offer for business students at NAU–Yuma?

The Department of Business and Administration at NAU-Yuma provides excellent business management and related higher education. The faculty are highly qualified and fully engaged in a learning partnership with students. Students are the center of our focus, and our faculty are dedicated to helping you achieve your educational and career goals.

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Business Administration


The Department of Business Administration and Leadership Empowers Student Growth

The degree programs provide students with the means to develop the following characteristics:

  • to communicate business and related information professionally;
  • to recognize and solve business and related problems in an ethical manner;
  • to work well in diverse teams, including virtual settings (including leadership);
  • to analyze and utilize financial information (BBA, LSCM, BM, and MGBA programs).
“I use my NAU Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree daily, from collaboration to communication and education. NAU educated me using real-life examples that I refer to daily and use to mentor my team. Leadership is a journey and without the lessons I learned in the NAU BBA program, I never would have been a successful leader in a Fortune 100 company.”
– Dan Rowley, Bachelor of Business Administration

Mission and vision of our Business Administration department

To provide exceptional, innovative business management and leadership education with an in-depth focus on core business competencies within a global context.

To be a premier provider of business management and leadership education with an emphasis on value and accessibility.

We value:
Visionary and innovative leadership
Lifelong student, faculty, & organizational learning
Ethical and socially responsible behavior
Creating and improving excellent quality & value-personal and societal
Diversity of people and ideas

We will train our graduates to:

Work well in teams, including virtual settings.

Understand finance and other core business content.

Recognize and solve business problems in an ethical manner.

Communicate business information professionally.

A message from our department Chair

To achieve the department’s mission, we value and feature visionary and innovative leadership; lifelong student, faculty and organizational learning; ethical and socially responsible behavior; creating and improving excellent quality and value–personal and societal; and diversity of people and ideas. We are excited you visited our web site and look forward to having you join one of the programs in the Department of Business Administration and Leadership.

The goal of the department is to be a premier provider of Baldrige quality business management and related higher education with an emphasis on value and accessibility.


Alex Steenstra, Ph.D.  Chair, Department of Business Administration and Leadership

Accreditation of NAU–Yuma’s Business Administration and Leadership Degree

The following programs have received ACBSP accreditation, in addition to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM)
  • Applied Business Management (BM)
  • Master of Global Business Administration (MGBA)

The following programs are accredited by HLC only:

  • Strategic Leadership (SL)
  • Industrial Leadership (IL)
  • Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL)
  • Spanish for Business – Minor
ACBSP logo

ACBSP accredited program performance at NAU–Yuma

Student Achievement – Graduation by program and year

Degree Program2014-20152015-20162016-20172017-20182018-20192019-20202020-20212021-20222022-2023
BAS in ABM/ITM*116256171
BAS in LSCM102921251829141615

*The ABM and ITM programs were consolidated into one program.

** The MGBA program started in Fall 2016.

Student Achievement – Retention by program and year

Fall 20141100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%
Fall 2015742.9%0.0%28.6%14.3%42.9%14.3%0.0%42.9%0.0%42.9%0.0%42.9%
Fall 201630.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%66.7%0.0%0.0%33.3%33.3%33.3%33.3%33.3%
Fall 2017580.0%0.0%0.0%40.0%20.0%40.0%0.0%60.0%0.0%60.0%0.0%60.0%
Fall 2018580.0%0.0%20.0%40.0%20.0%40.0%0.0%60.0%20.0%60.0%
Fall 2019250.0%0.0%50.0%0.0%0.0%50.0%0.0%50.0%
Fall 2020366.7%0.0%0.0%66.7%0.0%66.7%
Fall 20210
Fall 20221100.0%0.0%
Fall 20235

*The ABM and ITM programs were consolidated into one program.

Fall 2014757.1%0.0%14.3%42.9%28.6%42.9%14.3%57.1%14.3%57.1%0.0%71.4%
Fall 20151060.0%0.0%10.0%40.0%10.0%50.0%0.0%50.0%0.0%50.0%0.0%50.0%
Fall 2016771.4%0.0%14.3%42.9%0.0%571%0.0%57.1%0.0%57.1%0.0%57.1%
Fall 2017666.7%0.0%50.0%16.7%0.0%33.3%0.0%33.2%0.0%33.3%0.0%50.0%
Fall 20186100.0%0.0%50.0%50.0%16.7%66.7%0.0%83.3%0.0%83.3%
Fall 2019250.0%0.0%50.0%0.0%0.0%50.0%0.0%50.0%
Fall 202010.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%
Fall 20210
Fall 20220
Fall 20230

Fall 20142458.3%4.2%25.0%33.3%4.2%50.0%0.0%54.2%0.0%54.2%0.0%54.2%
Fall 20152475.0%4.2%25.0%45.8%12.5%66.7%4.2%66.7%0.0%70.8%0.0%75.0%
Fall 20161978.9%0.0%31.6%47.4%10.5%68.4%0.0%78.9%5.3%78.9%0.0%84.2%
Fall 20171586.7%6.7%33.3%60.0%6.7%86.7%0.0%93.3%0.0%93.3%0.0%93.3%
Fall 20182080.0%0.0%20.0%55.0%0.0%70.0%0.0%70.0%0.0%75.0%
Fall 20191650.0%12.5%31.3%37.5%6.3%43.8%12.5%43.8%
Fall 20202181.0%0.0%38.1%33.3%0.0%66.7%
Fall 20211080.0%0.0%60.0%30.0%
Fall 20221163.6%0.0%
Fall 202311

Fall 201414580.0%0.0%36.6%42.1%11.0%64.1%4.8%71.7%1.4%73.8%1.4%75.2%
Fall 201514875.7%1.4%31.8%39.9%9.5%60.1%6.1%65.5%3.4%68.9%.07%71.6%
Fall 201611681.0%0.9%32.8%44.8%6.9%68.1%5.2%71.6%3.4%72.4%0.9%75.9%
Fall 20179874.5%0.0%35.7%34.7%10.2%58.2%4.1%66.3%1.0%68.4%1.0%68.4%
Fall 201810280.4%0.0%32.4%44.1%12.7%63.7%4.9%71.6%2.9%72.5%
Fall 20197280.6%1.4%33.3%40.3%5.6%63.9%5.6%65.3%
Fall 20206863.2%2.9%26.5%36.8%4.4%60.3%
Fall 20216163.9%0.0%32.8%26.2%
Fall 20225078.0%0.0%
Fall 202356

Fall 2016250.0%50.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%
Fall 201740.0%75.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%
Fall 2018250.0%50.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%
Fall 20190
Fall 202010.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%
Fall 202110.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%
Fall 2022728.6%42.9%
Fall 20235

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