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NAU University Marketing staff working together in a meeting

About University Marketing

Our site is intended to provide a primer on marketing at NAU—how we define it, how we deliver marketing services to our internal clients, the NAU brand platformnarrative, and brand-building efforts, and links to internal resources that you can use to further your own marketing objectives. We encourage you to use the tools that are available, as well as reach out to us for additional information, insight, or support.

Who we are

We are a dedicated team of marketing professionals with broad specialties, including marketing strategy and planning, client services, content creation, graphic design, photography, videography, digital marketing, printing services, trademark and licensing, and project management.

Together, we leverage our collective expertise, talent, and passion to support NAU’s vision and mission.

Connect with a client services manager to help bring your project to life through personalized marketing strategy and support.

University Marketing leadership

NAU Harlan Teller man suit

Harlan Teller, Chief Marketing Officer

Harlan oversees the development of our overall marketing and brand strategies, and liaises with the senior university management team to ensure alignment and integration of marketing activities with university goals and objectives. He is responsible for both short-term and long-term strategic planning for the University Marketing department.

University Marketing staff photo of Ann Marie deWees

Ann Marie deWees, Associate Vice President of Marketing Services

NAU RenSu Yang woman suit

RenSu Yang, Associate Vice President of Brand and Creative Services