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Gloved hand in lab using syringe alongside research equipment in lab.

Material transfer

If you’re collaborating with researchers at other institutions, you may need to complete a material transfer agreement (MTA) to protect any materials you’re transferring to your collaborators, such as biological materials, chemical compounds, devices, prototypes, or software.

Use the material transfer agreement template provided and have the agreement reviewed and negotiated by an individual with signatory authority to bind NAU. If you do not have signatory authority, you should not sign any agreement attempting to bind NAU or the Arizona Board of Regents.

NAU Innovations can assist you with MTAs. Email your request to our office at and provide the following information:

  • whether you are receiving or transferring materials
  • name of the collaborating institution
  • name of collaborating researcher
  • short description of the material (one or two sentences)
  • short description of material’s use (if receiving)
  • project that you will be engaging in with the other party
  • information that may be exchanged
  • what type of work you will be engaging in

Read the FAQs provided on material transfer agreements to learn more.