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Summer and winter sessions

Processes and information for NAU students

Students are offered financial aid for the primary terms: fall and spring. However, there are situations in which a student might be eligible for the winter intersession and summer term as well.

Below is information on how some common types of aid might apply toward your summer or winter classes. But the best and easiest way to determine whether your aid will apply (and how much) is to get in touch with us at or call 928-523-4951. We’ll walk you through the entire process.

Summer financial aid at NAU

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NAU tuition scholarships apply only to fall and spring terms, but there are situations in which a student might be able to apply the Federal Pell Grant and/or federal student loans to summer courses.

If you filed a FAFSA for a particular school year, your FAFSA also applies to the summer following that school year. For example, if you completed the FAFSA for the 2023–24 school year, that same FAFSA applies to your summer 2024 studies. You would not need to submit a separate FAFSA for that summer.

For financial aid purposes, the enrollment status requirements for summer sessions are the same as the fall and spring requirements. The Academic Policy for course load for summer sessions does not pertain to financial aid. Read the undergraduate and graduate policies to learn more.

Additional notes on summer financial aid at NAU

  • If you have private loans or private scholarships, be sure to check with the issuing organization or company to see whether your aid applies to summer classes.
  • During the summer, students must enroll at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduate students and 5 for graduate students) to continue using their student loans. Annual loan limits apply.
  • Summer students must continue to meet eligibility criteria to keep their aid during summer.
  • Students receiving the Federal Pell Grant will likely be eligible to continue receiving it during the summer.

Winter financial aid at NAU

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Although most scholarships and aid do not cover winter courses, you might qualify to defer your winter tuition and fees to your spring bill, where they could be covered by financial aid that applies to your spring semester.

To apply for deferment of winter tuition:

  1. Access your LOUIE student account.
  2. Go to the “Financial Aid” section.
  3. Click on and fill out the “App to Defer Winter Charges.”

This application generally opens in October each year for the upcoming winter session.

You can also apply for a private alternative loan to help cover the costs of winter session tuition and fees. If you plan to do this, please email with “Winter Private Alternative Loan” in the subject line so we can help walk you through the process.