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Concurrent enrollment programs (CEP)

What is a CEP Consortium Agreement

A financial aid consortium agreement is a contract between a student and NAU allowing the student to receive financial aid from NAU to pay for and successfully earn credit hours at both NAU and another college or university.

The CEP Consortium Agreement is only for students enrolled in the Nursing, Respiratory, or Dental Hygiene Concurrent Enrollment Programs. All other students, including Mid-ADN to BSN students seeking a consortium agreement, will use a different consortium agreement.

How it works

After your CEP Consortium Agreement is processed, your NAU financial aid will disburse and pay your NAU charges, with any remaining aid being directly deposited to you. We recommend students either set up a payment plan or pay their community college tuition and fees out of pocket to avoid their classes being dropped for non-payment.

How to apply

  1. Complete and submit the CEP Consortium Agreement form.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using NAU school code 001082.
  3. Monitor your LOUIE student account and NAU email account for important updates and requested documents.

A couple of considerations

  • If you did not receive full-time financial aid (12+ units) for both fall and spring at your community college, you may be eligible for aid at NAU.
  • If your starting semester consists of only NAU classes, a CEP Consortium Agreement is not needed.

Dates and deadlines

Priority dates to submit CEP Consortium Agreement form:

  • July 20 for the fall 2024 semester
  • Nov. 20 for the spring 2025 semester


Final deadlines to submit CEP Consortium Agreement form:

  • Aug. 15 for the fall 2024 semester
  • Dec. 15 for the spring 2025 semester

Eligibility and responsibilities

For more information on eligibility and student responsibilities, explore NAU Consortium Agreements.

In addition to the eligibility requirements at the link above, students seeking a consortium agreement may have no more than 64 transfer credits. Exceptions to this include: 90/30 Interdisciplinary Studies, RN/BSN, Dental Hygiene, and other NAU programs that allow more than 64 credits to be transferred toward an NAU degree program. There is no transfer credit limit for students taking their non-parent courses at Arizona Western College.

Helpful links

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