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Arizona Teachers Academy FAQ

Learn more about the Arizona Teachers Academy (ATA), including applicant eligibility, how to apply, and how the program works.

Students are eligible if:

Once you’ve completed these eligibility requirements, you must submit an ATA agreement form, which will be available in your LOUIE portal on the to-do list.

Please note: Participation in the Arizona Teachers Academy is first-come, first-served for students who complete all eligibility requirements, up to the allowable funding provided by the state.

Eligibility questions

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Agreement form questions

How do I submit the ATA agreement form?

Electronically via the link provided in the ATA agreement item in your LOUIE to-do list.

What do I do if I don’t see the form in my LOUIE account?

Make sure that you have completed all required steps to be eligible to apply for the ATA Scholarship. 

General ATA questions

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Other questions

What are the other benefits of the ATA?

In addition to being considered for an ATA Scholarship, the other benefits of ATA include: 

  • professional development opportunities during your program
  • coverage of licensure exam costs
  • coverage of teaching certification costs upon graduation
  • first-year teacher induction and mentor support provided by the Arizona K–12 Center

Am I eligible to receive ATA vouchers for licensure exams?

This benefit became available to ATA students starting in Fall 2021. If you were an ATA participant in Fall 2021 or later, you can receive vouchers for your licensure exams.

Federal TEACH Grant questions

Is the ATA Scholarship different from the TEACH Grant?

Yes, there are separate applications for the ATA Scholarship and the TEACH Grant. The ATA Scholarship is an Arizona state sponsored scholarship and the TEACH Grant is a federal grant program. Students can be awarded both the ATA Scholarship and TEACH Grant depending on financial need.

Do I have to apply for the TEACH Grant in order to get the ATA Scholarship?

No, you do not have to apply for the TEACH Grant in order to be eligible for the ATA Scholarship, but students are encouraged to apply for both the TEACH Grant and the ATA Scholarship.

Would I have to serve additional years teaching if I accept both the TEACH Grant and the ATA Scholarship?

No, the years of service can be served concurrently, as long as you select a high needs public school in Arizona.

Does the TEACH Grant require a student to teach in Arizona?

No, there are eligible schools across the United States for students who ONLY accept the TEACH Grant.

Additional ATA questions

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Financial aid and student account questions

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Requirements for post-graduation teaching commitment