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Arizona Teachers Academy FAQ

Learn more about the Arizona Teachers Academy (ATA), including applicant eligibility, how to apply, and how the program works.

Students are eligible if:

Once you’ve completed these eligibility requirements, you must submit an ATA agreement form, which will be available in your LOUIE portal on the to-do list.

Please note: Participation in the Arizona Teachers Academy is first-come, first-served for students who complete all eligibility requirements, up to the allowable funding provided by the state.

Eligibility questions

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Agreement form questions

How do I submit the ATA agreement form?

Electronically via the link provided in the ATA agreement item in your LOUIE to-do list.

What do I do if I don’t see the form in my LOUIE account?

Make sure that you have completed all required steps to be eligible to apply for the ATA Scholarship.

General ATA questions

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Other questions

What are the other benefits of the ATA?

In addition to being considered for an ATA Scholarship, the other benefits of ATA include: 

  • professional development opportunities during your program
  • coverage of licensure exam costs
  • coverage of teaching certification costs upon graduation
  • first-year teacher induction and mentor support provided by the Arizona K–12 Center

Am I eligible to receive ATA vouchers for licensure exams?

This benefit became available to ATA students starting in Fall 2021. If you were an ATA participant in Fall 2021 or later, you can receive vouchers for your licensure exams.

Federal TEACH Grant questions

Is the ATA Scholarship different from the TEACH Grant?

Yes, there are separate applications for the ATA Scholarship and the TEACH Grant. The ATA Scholarship is an Arizona state sponsored scholarship and the TEACH Grant is a federal grant program. Students can be awarded both the ATA Scholarship and TEACH Grant depending on financial need.

Do I have to apply for the TEACH Grant in order to get the ATA Scholarship?

No, you do not have to apply for the TEACH Grant in order to be eligible for the ATA Scholarship, but students are encouraged to apply for both the TEACH Grant and the ATA Scholarship.

Would I have to serve additional years teaching if I accept both the TEACH Grant and the ATA Scholarship?

No, the years of service can be served concurrently, as long as you select a high needs public school in Arizona.

Does the TEACH Grant require a student to teach in Arizona?

No, there are eligible schools across the United States for students who ONLY accept the TEACH Grant.

Additional ATA questions

Financial aid and student account questions

Why does my account state I still owe money?

Once awarded, the ATA Scholarship will be applied to tuition and mandatory fees after all other federal, state, and institutional grants and tuition waivers are applied and no sooner than 10 days prior to the first day of classes. Your eligibility for the ATA scholarship will be evaluated by Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) once your ATA Agreement is received, tuition and fee charges are posted to your account for the term and you have been awarded all other tuition waivers and grants.

If I have a loan in my account and am accepted by this program, do I still need to accept the loan to cover my fees?

You can choose to accept your loan to help cover non-tuition and fee costs, such as books, housing, or other costs of attendance. You can also choose to decline the loan.

If I have already accepted a loan for next year can I un-accept it?

No. If you have already accepted a federally-funded loan, please contact your NAU financial aid officer to request the loan be reduced or canceled.

I added a course to my schedule after my ATA Scholarship disbursed, will the ATA Scholarship be adjusted to cover it?

A student’s ATA Scholarship can only be increased based on enrollment changes before the semester’s census date regardless of which class session a student is enrolled in. For more information regarding academic deadlines, please read more about the Office of the Registrar’s important dates and deadlines.

Will the ATA Scholarship be awarded every year?

A student must reapply for every academic year and summer term separately, meet the eligibility requirements, and agree to the post-graduation service commitment. Funding is dependent on legislative appropriation.

Will this scholarship disburse before tuition is due?

Your eligibility for an ATA scholarship will be determined once your ATA agreement is received, tuition and fee charges are posted to your account, and all other tuition waivers and grants have been awarded for the term.

  • If an ATA Scholarship is not on your account by the tuition payment due date, you should make other arrangements to ensure your tuition is covered. For payment options please visit Student & Departmental Account Services.
  • If a student pays tuition and mandatory fees with a loan, payment plan, or personal payments and then receives an ATA Scholarship, the loan payment or personal payments will be reallocated to other charges in the student’s account and/or refunded. The only amount that will not be refunded is the payment plan fee. NAU’s Student and Department Account Services is considering petitions for refund requests related to this fee.  Students may submit a petition to request a refund of the fee.
  • The ATA Scholarship has a higher priority than loans and personal payments, so when it disburses, it will push out those types of payments so that it can apply to tuition. If the student owes other charges on the account, the payment will move to those other charges. If no other charges are owed, then the loan or payment will refund to the student directly.

Requirements for post-graduation teaching commitment

How long will I need to work following graduation to fulfill the requirements of the ATA Scholarship?

One year of service in an Arizona public school (i.e., district, charter, or Bureau of Indian Education school located in Arizona) is required for every year or portion of a year a student receives an ATA Scholarship.

NOTE: A semester is defined as fall or spring. Summer scholarship funding does convert to a loan if teaching service commitment is not fulfilled.

If a student accepts the TEACH Grant, there are additional restrictions on the type of Arizona public school a graduate must teach in.

I plan on going into a graduate program after I complete my undergraduate program. Can I defer my teaching commitment until I complete my graduate program?

The Arizona Board of Regents will consider deferment requests for the teaching requirement based on full-time enrollment in a master’s degree program. Students who have completed the ATA program may submit a deferment request for consideration to postpone the full-time teaching requirement to one year following completion of master’s degree program or two years post-bachelor’s degree; whichever is less.

Do I get to choose the school where I teach or am I placed in a school?

Graduates choose the school in which they will be employed post-graduation. An eligible school to meet the ATA Scholarship requirement is any Arizona public school. Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools located in Arizona are also eligible.

What is the timeframe to fulfill my teaching commitment?

To fulfill the post-graduation teaching commitment, students who have completed the ATA program must begin teaching within one year after graduation.

What happens if I don’t fulfill the teaching commitment?

The Arizona Board of Regents states that “the board staff shall provide to each person in repayment an amortization schedule. There shall be no interest charged and the repayment duration shall be no more than 10 years.”