Instructional Leadership, emphasis: K-12 School Leadership (MEd)
Faculty speaking to student.

Deans’ research grant example

Faculty: Buck Blankenship, Jon Lee

Funding amount: $4,000.00        


There is a need to develop a pre-screening instrument for a promising intervention aimed at first-year student success. A questionnaire development process is provided based on relevant literature guidelines and is targeted to answer four research questions. A description of steps to answer each question is also provided. A budget is proposed in order to increase the participant numbers, purchase survey tools, and possibly pay for instruments as needed. Future steps of this project include a norming process and application of the surveys in practice.


By the end of this funding (summer of 2023), we expect to have selected survey items and a compiled full questionnaire. In the fall of 2023, we will begin collecting a large sample of first-year students to generate a normative sample. The indicator of success of the project in its entirety is a useable and efficient survey informed by initial normative data for both FYS and CCC first-year programs. The future step is the use of this survey in practice (e.g., individual student results used in faculty-student SBMI meetings/conversations toward individual change).