Getting an internship

We receive and post information about internships from agencies in Flagstaff, the state of Arizona, and across the country. 

However, there are usually more students seeking internships than positions available, so we encourage you to look for internships on your own.

The Internship Program Coordinator can offer suggestions and advice for students who are interested in pursuing this option.

Getting an internship approved

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You and the internship agency are responsible for making an internship placement formal. You must:

  1. Meet the requirements for the internship 
  2. Complete the online application
  3. Once you have been preapproved, you can begin the process of contacting agencies to set up interviews and discuss potential internship placements.
Permission from the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice or the Internship Program Coordinator does not guarantee you an internship. You will usually need to interview with the sponsoring agency for the internship position. 

After you get an internship approved

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When you get an internship, you must:

  1. complete, with the agency supervisor, the internship approval form and learning contract
  2. make three copies of the form and contract for:
          a.  the Internship Program Coordinator
          b.  yourself
          c.  the agency supervisor
  3. return the form and contract to the Internship Program Coordinator within a week of completing it
  4. develop, with the agency supervisor, a schedule that:
          a.  fulfills the number of work hours required for the number of credit hours
          b.  is sensitive to the needs of the agency
          c.  does not interfere with your class schedule

Registering for the internship class

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After completing the above steps, you’ll register for the internship class (CCJ 408) by contacting the Internship Program Coordinator.

Internship class fee

Participation in CCJ 408 requires a $40 fieldwork fee to cover the department’s internship-related costs. The fee will be added to your LOUIE account after you register.

During the internship

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When the internship is in progress, it is your responsibility to inform the Internship Program Coordinator of any changes in the conditions of the internship agreement; the Coordinator may need to approve some changes.

You are also responsible for contacting the Coordinator with problems or difficulties in the internship. 

You must e-mail your weekly journal entries to the Internship Program Coordinator once a month. You are required to inform the Coordinator of the status and progress of the internship every two weeks via:

  • telephone
  • fax
  • personal visit
  • or e-mail 

If your internship is terminated 

If you fail to live up to the expectations of the internship agency, the agency has the right to terminate the internship. If this happens, you may not get credit for the internship.