Community internships

Northland Family Help Center

Northland Family Help Center is an organization designed to reduce all forms of familial violence by offering shelter to battered individuals and their children, as well as counseling and advocacy services. You’ll assist the staff with these activities by:

  • answering phones and taking messages
  • providing supportive counseling for clients
  • assisting with the organization and implementation of client services

Alternatives Center 

At the Alternatives Center, you’ll help staff with the supervision and care of juvenile clients. You will:
  • conduct intake interviews and prescreens of referred juveniles
  • work with parents and support service providers throughout the juvenile’s stay in the center
  • conduct out-take interviews with juveniles and parents upon each client’s successful completion of the program
  • fill out and file records of services provided for clients

The Indigo Movement

The Indigo Movement is a youth program offering violence and delinquency prevention services. You’ll gain knowledge regarding the operation of a non-profit organization by:
  • assisting the staff with program organization and maintenance duties
  • mentoring youth participants at various Indigo sites

Victim/Witness Service

Victim Witness is a program designed to help individuals and families cope with the initial trauma of crime victimization, and also lend assistance for those unfamiliar with the formal criminal justice process. You will assist the victims of various crimes:
  • homicide
  • aggravated assault
  • domestic violence
  • sexual assault
  • armed robbery

You’ll also participate in services such as:

  • immediate crisis intervention
  • court escort and transportation
  • child care for witnesses testifying in court
  • social service agency referrals

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

As an intern for CASA, you will assist in many activities, including:
  • recruiting and training CASA volunteers
  • drafting case documents
  • coordinating media coverage for CASA
  • organizing records and assisting with drafting reports to the Supreme Court

Sunnyside Weed and Seed

Weed and Seed is a strategy designed to prevent, control, and reduce violent crime, drug abuse, and gang activity in high crime neighborhoods. You will assist program personnel with:
  • community policing tactics
  • prevention/intervention treatment
  • neighborhood restoration projects

Guidance Center

The Guidance Center is a non-profit agency providing mental health and substance abuse services. You’ll assist staff with many tasks, including:
  • case management for adults and children
  • the organization of various client services inside the agency
  • the recommendation and preparation of outpatient services

Flagstaff Family Food Center

At Flagstaff Family Food Center, you’ll act as a security guard to ensure a safe, dignified environment for diners.  You’ll become acquainted with marginalized individuals suffering from issues of social justice and gain a better understanding of the workings of community service organizations.