Fulbright U.S. Student Program

NAU's Fulbright Program Advisor (FPA):  Melissa Hatfield Riggs

Official Website: us.fulbrightonline.org

What does a Fulbright student grant fund?

The Fulbright finances one academic year abroad, in one of more than 140 countries, to complete (1) an advanced research or creative project, (2) one year of graduate study, or (3) serve as an English Teaching Assistant. There are additional customized opportunities in certain countries. Students also engage in a community service activity of their choice.

The grant provides round-trip airfare, monthly stipend amount set by host country, and health and accident insurance. Other possible benefits vary by country/grant type and may include support for dependents, research allowance, tuition, language lessons, and/or enhancement activities.


  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Hold at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent by the start of the grant
  • Graduating seniors, graduate students, and recent alumni can apply (but not those with a completed PhD)
  • Meet required proficiency levels in the written and spoken language of host country (varies by country)
  • Academic excellence, leadership, community engagement
  • For teaching assistant applicants, teaching or similar experiences

Criteria for Selection

  • Excellent academic/professional qualifications
  • Validity and feasibility of proposed research/creative/study project OR communication skills and potential for teaching in English language
  • Language qualifications with reference to proposed project and country requirements
  • Evidence of leadership, maturity, motivation, and adaptability to a different cultural environment
  • Knowledge of host country
  • Evaluation of impression candidate will make abroad as a citizen representing the U.S.

NAU Internal Deadlines and Process

April 3, 2017Launch of the new Fulbright online application. Start researching countries.  If a research/study applicant, research schools/define projects and solicit host affiliations.
Mid-June Detailed resume and draft essays to the FPA for feedback.
Mid-JulyCompleted online application (your part) to FPA for feedback.
August 1Recommendations and language evaluation to FPA before writers upload!  (Share affiliation letter with FPA whenever it is received.)
September 1NAU INTERNAL DEADLINE: Application is shared with NAU Fulbright Evaluation Committee.  Should be solid, complete online draft with recommendations, language evaluation, and affiliation letter uploaded.
Mid-to-Late SeptemberParticipate in campus interviews.  Dates TBA.
September 29Finalized online application (or earlier) for FPA polishing feedback. 
October 3Submit by October 3 or earlier.
October 6, 2017OFFICIAL FULBRIGHT DEADLINE:  Avoid potential system overload/crash by not working online the last few days!  It has happened....


Please refer letter recommendation writers to my Tips for Recommenders.  Please also see applicant tips on Working with References.

Note: I absolutely want to read recommendation letters/forms and language evaluations before they are uploaded to the scholarship application site, so ask your rec/eval writers to send their material to me at Melissa.Riggs@nau.edu by or before August 1, 2017.  They should not upload until I get back in touch.  Seeing these early helps me mentor you and your application; and since I can see the entire application package, I may have recommender suggestions. 

Please share your affiliation letter with me when you receive it and before you upload.