Dr. John Tester

Dr. Ciocanel

Dr. John T. Tester, Associate Professor; Dr. Tester has held various positions in both commercial and military sectors as a mechanical engineer, a manufacturing processes engineer, and a systems engineer. His experience and education guide his research and teaching efforts in the areas of both design and manufacturing processes, with the intent of improving the connection between the two. His research interests include design for manufacturing, rapid prototyping, injection molding, electronic assembly, and CAD/CAM applications.  Recently, he has been integrating CAD/CAM tools into biological modeling investigations.

He was assigned to a sabbatical research position at the National Renewable Research Laboratory’s ReFUEL (Renewable Fuels and Lubricants) Facility from 8/09 to 4/10 in Denver, CO.

Educational background 

  • PhD, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, December 1999
  • MS, Systems Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology, December 1990
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Tennessee Technological University, December 1984

Employment history         

  • Northern Arizona University - Department of Mechanical Engineering, 8/00-present. Associate Professor:  Areas of research include design for manufacturing (traditional and electronic), rapid prototyping, general manufacturing processes, injection molding, and CAD/CAM applications. 
  • (2007-2009) Director of the “Design4Practice” Engineering Undergraduate Design Curriculum. Developing and managing the shared design courses for all CENS departments, particularly those in Engineering, Biology, and the School of Business.
  • Established and manages the Realization of Advanced Products In Design Laboratory (RAPIDLab). Funded, installed and manages prototyping equipment and related CAD/CAM/CAE software.
  • Supervising staff and student personnel who work in the Engineering Manufacturing Processes Laboratory and Engineering Shop (a separate facility from the RAPIDLab).
  • Adviser to the SAE student branch (2000 to present
  • Student competitions advised:  AeroDesign, SAE Baja, Supermileage, Shell Ecomarathon, AIAA/Air Force UAV.
  • Adviser (2000-2002 & 2006-2009) to the ASME student chapter.
  • Student competitions advised:  Human Powered Vehicle
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Industrial & Systems Engineering. 8/99-6/00.
  • Visiting Professor: Taught classes in Industrial Automation, Aerospace Manufacturing, Manufacturing Processes, and Deterministic Operations Research. Created CAD/CAM models in support of 3-axis CNC projects for the Aerospace Engineering department as well as for related manufacturing classes. Guest lecturer for "Plastic Product Design" topics in the Rapid Prototyping Mechanical Engineering course.
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Industrial & Systems Engineering. 8/95-8/99.
  • Graduate Research Assistant/Instructor: Supported the Systems Engineering Development Laboratory research projects. Conducted electronic assembly manufacturing research. Taught Industrial Automation course.
  • Amtech Systems Corporation (now Intermec, Inc.), 8/92-7/95 and summer 97.
  • Mechanical Engineer:· Primary areas of expertise included CAD, injection molding, finite element analysis (FEA), electronic assembly and test analysis. · Designed packaging and enclosures for new radio identification (RFID) systems. Managed transition-to-production of the newly developed products. Designed, analyzed, scheduled and tested manufacturing tooling for these products. Returned for summer of 1997 as contracted Manufacturing Engineer to resolve ongoing MRP conflicts associated with the introduction of new products.
  • United States Air Force, Various locations, 1/84-7/92,
  • Captain (rank), Development Engineer.
  • Hill Air Force Base (AFB), Utah. Conducted projects to improve the manufacturing capabilities of the aircraft refurbishment center. Projects included the redesign of F-16 parts for injection molding manufacturing, improving the aircraft composites repair facility capabilities, and upgrading the injection molding facility with new machines and personnel training.
  • Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Selected to the Systems Engineering Graduate Program; conducted research in multi-disciplinary modeling and simulation.
  • Kirtland AFB, New Mexico. Managed the logistical testing of space satellite and ground support systems. Conducted test programs primarily for evaluating the reliability and maintainability of the Global Positioning System (GPS) deployment, Falcon Air Force Base certification, and Space Defense Initiative (SDI) subprograms.

Courses usually taught     

  • Mechanical Design
  • General Engineering Design
  • Manufacturing & CAD/CAM

Honors, awards, and professional activities  

  • Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) International Faculty Adviser of the Year, 2009.
  • University Educator of the Year, 2007, American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Pacific Southwest Division.
  • Boeing Welliver Faculty Summer Fellow, Summer 2005
  • NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow, Summer 2004
  • VPI&SU, Industrial and Systems Engineering Pratt Fellowship awards, 1995-1999
  • Peer reviewer for International Journal of Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing

Research interests

  • design for manufacturing (traditional and electronic)
  • rapid prototyping
  • plastic product manufacturing
  • general manufacturing processes
  • CAD/CAM applications


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Professional and technical publications

  • John T. Tester, “Observations and Comments from the Boeing Welliver Faculty Summer Fellowship at Mesa,” submitted to The Boeing Corporation, August 10, 2005.
  • Hahn, Randall L.; Harter, Nathan W.; Mastrangelo, Christina M.; Mobolurin, Ayodele O.; Onyebueke, Landon C.; Petrick, Irene J.; Stutts, Daniel S.; Tester, John T. “Boeing Welliver Faculty Summer Fellowship, Group Report,” submitted to The Boeing Corporation, August 10, 2005.
  • John T. Tester, “RACK DISTRIBUTION EFFECTS ON MPLM CENTER OF MASS—EXTENDED REPORT,” NASA Technical report to Marshall Space Flight Center, Flight Projects Directorate, Pressurized Carriers Group, August 22, 2004.
  • John T. Tester and Jon Holladay, “RACK DISTRIBUTION EFFECTS ON MPLM CENTER OF MASS,” Contribution to 2004 NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship Program Final Report, Marshall Space Flight Center, Flight Projects Directorate, Pressurized Carriers Group, August 5, 2004.

Professional affiliations   

  • American Society of Engineering Educators (ASEE)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineering