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NAHA TAH Cohort Teachers at the Heard Museum Spring 2012

Through the Northern Arizona History Academy Teaching American History grant program (2010-2014), the Department of History conducts courses and workshops for K-12 teachers interested in improving their historical content knowledge and pedagogical practices. 

Between 2010 and 2014, these classes include: 

  • Learning, Doing, Teaching History via the Grand Canyon
  • From Colonies to the Nation State
  • Transforming the Moving "West"
  • Progressive Era to World War II: Crisis and Reform
  • The Cold War to 9/11: U.S. Relations, Inventions, and a Global World

Workshops during the same period included:

For more information about the grant program, please see the Projects and Grants page of this website. To find out more about current workshop opportunities, please check the Happenings section of this website.