Planning a Course of Study

Comparative Cultural Studies allows you to indulge your passion for Art History, Humanities, and Comparative Study of Religion . We give you the freedom to integrate these individual disciplines together with a degree that fits your interests.

Earning your Comparative Cultural Studies degree

As you plan your course schedule, remember to follow the guidelines for the program. For specific degree requirements, reference the academic catalog.

Declaring a Comparative Cultural Studies major

If you are a new student

You will declare a major when you are admitted to the university.

If you are a continuing student

You will complete the Undergraduate Major/Minor/Certificate Change Form.

Minor: Adding to your degree

A minor is not required for this degree.  However, we strongly encourage you to consult with an adviser about a minor and/or elective coursework that is appropriate for your career aspirations and educational needs.  We recommend minors in Anthropology, Art History, Asian Studies, English, Ethnic Studies, French, History, Humanities, German, Latin American Studies, Museum Studies, Philosophy, Comparative Study of Religion , Theatre, Studio Art, and Women's and Gender Studies. 

Study Abroad - San Gimignano

Study Abroad

We strongly encourage you to participate in a Study Abroad program.  Requirements include a 2.5 GPA and sophomore standing or higher.  Programs with English-language instruction in CCS's emphases and minors (Art History, Asian Studies, Humanities, Museum Studies, and Comparative Study of Religion ) are available in:

  • The Czech Republic (Masaryk University)
  • Finland (University of Eastern Finland)
  • Greece (American University of Greece)
  • India (NAU in India: Himalayan India)
  • Ireland–Northern (University of Ulster)
  • Italy (Siena School for the Liberal Arts)
  • Japan (Kansai Gaidai University)
  • Malta (University of Malta)
  • South Korea (Sogang University)
  • Thailand
  • The United Kingdom (Nottingham Trent University, University of Hull and University of Essex)

For more information, see the department chair or your adviser.  The Center for International Education also contains useful information about these and other programs, financial aid, and scholarships.


We strongly encourage you to pursue a local, national, or international internship (Fieldwork Experience) in your junior or senior year.  A departmental contract is required for all internships—please speak with the department chair or your adviser for more information.

Teaching Assistantships

Seniors with an emphasis in Comparative Study of Religion  may apply to be teaching assistants in REL 150:  Religions of the World.  Seniors with emphases in Art History and Humanities may also apply to assist with lower division ARH and HUM classes. For more information, see your adviser or contact the department chair.