Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take me to complete the program?
You can finish in two years if you take classes during the summer term. Core classes are offered every term with at least two Emphasis area classes offered every term.

What is the cost of tuition? 
Tuition varies. Click here for the latest update on tuition and fees:

What are the entrance requirements? 
Click here for the program overview

Are payment plans available? 
Click here for payment plan information. 

Is the program totally online? 
Yes, all classes in the program are available in the online format. The program also offers the Core classes in a classroom setting at several locations with the Emphasis classes offered online.
For the in person classes near you, click here. 

What classes does the program entail? 
The Program overview will provide a general overview of classes and Emphasis areas. Click on each Emphasis area for more details.

How do I apply? 
You can apply online both to the Grad College and Program in one application. For the application details and a matrix for the essay and resume requirements click here.