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The application process is in two parts: you apply to both the Graduate College and the Master of Administration Program.

Completed program applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, usually within two weeks.

Apply on-line by clicking on the graduate application link below

Submit the following materials directly to the Graduate College

  • Graduate application with $65 application fee
  • Send official transcripts within 30 days to: 
    • Graduate College
      PO Box 4125
      Flagstaff AZ 86011-4125

Submit the following materials directly to the Master of Administration program or attach them to the online application above. 

Statement of professional experience

Admission to the Master of Administration program requires a minimum of 5 years professional work experience. We are looking for mid-career professionals who bring "real-world" experience to share in classroom discussions. This is not a job application. Please review the information on the rubric below to assist you in developing your statement of professional experience on the provided form. 

Click here to access the Statement of Professional Experience form.

Essay describing how this degree will enhance your professional goals

Please include a thoughtful essay of approximately 500 words in which you address the address the following three questions:

  • What are your professional goals?
  • How do your professional goals relate to your chosen emphasis area
  • How does the Master of Administration Program enhance your ability to meet your professional goals?

This essay will be evaluated using the rubric below.
The essay and resume can be submitted with your online application or by email to

Three professional references

These should be either academic or career professional contacts that will provide examples of behaviors/characteristics that are an indicator of your ability to succeed in the program. Please provide the reference's email addresses when filling out the online application and the required program form will be sent directly to your reference for completion.

The rubric below will be used to evaluate and score your application.

MAdmin Admission Criteria Rubric

Revised February 5, 2013


0 points

1 point

2 points

3 points

Experience (Professional Experience Form)

Less than 3 years of professional experience

3-5 years of professional experience

5 years of professional experience

5 or more years of professsional experience, including supervisory experience

Goals (essay)

Goals not clear or not related to administration

Goals in essay related to administration

Goals listed in essay generally related to emphasis

Clear and specific goals listed in essay directly related to emphasis

Writing (essay)




Statement not clear or concise


Statement somewhat clear and fairly concise

Statement fairly clear and concise

Statement very clear and concise

Several grammar or other mechanical errors

A few grammar or other mechanical errors

1-3 minor mechanical errors

No grammar or other mechanical errors

Recommendations (average score of 3 letters)

Letter shows little support

Letter shows support

Letter shows support generally related to program success

Letter shows strong support and related to program success


  • The “experience” is rated from the Professional Experience Form. “Professional” does not include basic clerical functions, but may include executive secretarial functions. “Supervisory” and “management” experience may include supervising or managing people or complex processes.
  • The “goals” and “writing” are rated from the essay. Writing will be scored at the lower of the two parts.
  • Recommendations indicators of support (see rubric) include but not limited to: work ethic/determination, communication (oral and written), teamwork/leadership, learning/academics, and related to emphasis. Each of the three letters of recommendation is rated and the average score of the three letters is counted toward the total score.
  • The maximum score is 12.
  • The minimum “acceptable” score is 4 but applicants with this score may not be admitted to the program.
  • Applicants should have a score of 6 or better, but may be conditionally admitted with a lower score.
  • This rubric is used only to assist in the admission decision. Additional admissions decisions may be made by committee consensus due to unusual circumstances not directly considered by the rubric.