Beyond the classroom

Think critically about what makes a community sustainable with the The Master of Arts in Sustainable Communities program.

During your education in our interdisciplinary program, you’ll be encouraged to:

  • work closely with the community (volunteering 3 hours per week in your first year)
  • think broadly and integrate different types of theories, paradigms, and ways of living
  • combine different areas of scholarship to answer your questions
  • pursue what you are passionate about
  • apply your knowledge and expertise to your own idea about what makes a good and sustainable community
  • change the world

Also, you will apply what you learn to the real world by participating in our Community Based Action Research Teams (ARTs) (ARTS).

Visions of sustainable communities

“Northern Arizona University's [SUS] program, guided by the theme, ‘Visions of Good and Sustainable Societies,’ is one of the best-implemented programs in the country.

The program effectively integrates contemporary issues that are pertinent to today's society and environment. It's easy to see that it has become a model for every MLS program in the US, Canada, and other regions where graduate liberal studies are developed.”—Dr. Richard Guzman, past President, Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs