If you want to improve the lives of individuals in global, indigenous/tribal communities by contributing to nation building, understanding of their culture, and promoting connections with our global community, then you’ve come to the right place.

The mission of the Applied Indigenous Studies (AIS) department is to prepare students to assume 21st century leadership roles for nation building within indigenous communities in the US and globally.

In addition to imparting knowledge of tribal histories and cultures, federal policies and contemporary reservation conditions, the curriculum provides students with tools and experience for building professional capacity in these communities.

Students gain academic skills in areas of critical needs such as:

  • sustainable economic development
  • policy articulation
  • environmental sciences
  • environmental management
  • politics and administration
  • health sciences
  • cultural resource management
  • traditional knowledge

We seek to develop modern tribal management skills while promoting respect for indigenous culture, knowledge, values, and beliefs.

Through partnerships with tribes, community programs, we aim to create opportunities for:

  • education
  • appreciation
  • progress and sustainability within indigenous communities

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