Student Nurses’ Association

The Student Nurses' Association (SNA) of Northern Arizona University is a student organization composed of all university pre-nursing and nursing students and is governed by an executive board under the supervision of a faculty adviser.

With the goal of providing the highest quality health care, SNA is dedicated to the enhancement of:

  • nursing education
  • professionalism
  • leadership

In addition, SNA:

  • encourages participation in health-care related community and volunteer affairs
  • promotes recruitment efforts
  • promotes and encourages collaborative relationships with nursing and related health organizations
  • seeks to influence health care, nursing education, and practice through legislative activities


The SNA meetings are determined each semester in Nursing Room 124.

February 6th, 5:30
March 5th, 5:30
April 2nd, 5:30
April 30th, 5:30


Click here to view SNA bylaws.


Relay for life
New fundraising project called Project C.U.R.E


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