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NAU–Yuma Professor to Students: Pursuing Higher Ed Goes Beyond Obtaining Academic Degrees

“Pursuing education is not just about obtaining higher academic degrees,” says Dr. Monica Acosta Alvarado, assistant clinical professor of Business and lead faculty at NAU–Yuma. “It is about learning to learn, widening your vision and perspective, reaffirming your values, and beyond all that, being able to make a positive impact on the people around you, on your community, and ultimately on the world.”

Dr. Monica Acosta Alvarado

With a passion for organizational dynamics, entrepreneurship, and business growth acceleration, Acosta Alvarado earned a Doctor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Strategic Planning from CETYS University. Having served as director of International Rankings for the CETYS University System as well as MBA academic coordinator and full-time professor at the CETYS Graduate Business School, she began teaching business courses part-time at #NAUYuma five years ago.

Now, the full-time NAU Yuma professor teaches Business courses for the BBA and MGBA programs. “Education is my calling,” she says. “I love learning and sharing gained knowledge, and I believe that through education is how we can change the world. She chose to teach at NAU Yuma “because it is an institution that fosters an inclusive environment that supports a diverse group of students who are passionate about learning and giving back to their communities.”

Monica is also a co-author of two book chapters, reviewer of academic journals and also accredited as an ACBSP evaluator.

The happily married mother of “two lovely daughters,” Chiara and Gianna, enjoys spending time with her family, reading and learning, traveling, off-road racing and a Maroon5 fan.

She shares this quote by Salvador Dalí: “Life is too short to remain unnoticed.”

Dr. Monica Acosta Alvarado and parter holding trophies in front of an ATV and dirt bike.