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NAU student rides a skateboard on Flagstaff campus

Official NAU logos


Institutional logos represent the university as a whole. Colleges, departments, and programs have specialized logos to denote their role. “Unit logo” is a generalized term to describe any logo for a specific entity on campus. Refer to the Visual Identity Guide for information on how to use institutional logos. 

Logos are the official identifiers of any NAU units. Any graphical treatments and/or elements that may help add additional distinguishing characteristics to the unit identity would fall under the realm of creative execution, not the function of a unit logo.

Official logo on an outside sign at NAU

To help strengthen the university brand presence, we encourage the use of the appropriate NAU logo in all marketing, communication, and merchandise materials. Any university unit should use its official NAU unit logo as the only visual identifier. For non-unit specific promotion or communication, one of the institutional logos (with no unit designation) may be used.