Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission statement

The Northern Arizona University (NAU), Parks and Recreation Management faculty, staff and students share a professional and personal commitment to promoting active healthy life-styles, life-long education, service learning, global awareness and creating meaningful social connections between individuals and their surrounding environment. 

  • Healthy Life-Styles: We believe that involvement in leisure and recreation activities leads to decision making for better balanced healthy life-styles, effectively lowering illness (both physical and psychological), and allows people to live more rewarding and fulfilled lives.
  • Life-Long Education: We believe individuals who continually engage in new recreation and leisure experiences learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge and help promote positive aspects of human existence.
  • Service Learning: Integrating teaching and learning experiences through meaningful community service focusing on civic responsibility and strengthening communities.
  • Global Awareness: Create opportunities, awareness and experiences focused on international travel and education.
  • Connection to others and the Environment: We believe that the human condition of compassion for others and the surrounding environment can be fostered and supported through participation in leisure activities which raise awareness of overall inter-connectedness and thereby creating a more sustainable future.

Vision statement

The Northern Arizona University (NAU) Parks and Recreation Management program is dedicated to creating a student centered environment by providing a unique personalized and engaged campus and online education, scholarly activity, and experientially based opportunities for community and professional service.

Our values

  • Excellence in Education - Offer a rigorous, high-quality education to all students
  • Student Success - Place learner needs at the center of our academic and service planning, policies and programs
  • Educational Access - Provide all qualified students with access to higher education
  • Diversity - Achieve multicultural understanding as a priority of educational and civic life
  • Integrity - Operate with fairness, honesty and the highest ethical standards to sustain a community of trust
  • Civility - Support a civil, engaging and respectful campus climate

Student outcomes will focus on:

  • happiness and life satisfaction
  • service learning experiences
  • diversity issues
  • global awareness
  • professional preparation
  • lifelong learning and education
  • healthy lifestyles

Our goals

Our goals are exemplified by the following PRM concepts:

  • A major emphasis on high quality undergraduate education;
  • Dedication to innovative undergraduate learner centered education;
  • Provide all PRM major classes at least once per year on campus and online;
  • A focus on post-baccalaureate and undergraduate certificate programs;
  • An effort to maintain close interaction between undergraduate students and faculty members;
  • Development and use of current learning technologies in the PRM curriculum;
  • An emphasis on multicultural understanding as a priority of educational and civic life;
  • A distinct focus on rural Arizona as both a learning environment and an area of service; and
  • A determination to allow students to learn and grow through integrating experiential activities throughout the PRM curriculum.

Parks and Recreation Management Program relation to Flagstaff and Northern Arizona

The Parks and Recreation Management program of NAU is tied to the Flagstaff region through both the surrounding environment and the Arizona economy.  The environment of Flagstaff provides an outstanding learning laboratory for Arizona’s future recreation providers, outdoor leaders, outdoor educators, and park rangers.

Furthermore, the Flagstaff area models the economy of Arizona which is driven by tourism.  The close relationship between park and recreation provision and tourism allows the program to train students who are cognizant of the importance of recreation to the people of an area for both personal benefits and economic gain and the constraints to recreation development related to environmental concerns.