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NAU Tuition Announcement for Academic Year 2024-25

Dear Lumberjacks,

At NAU, we are committed to broadening access to an exceptional, life-changing education. That begins with transparent admissions and equitable pricing practices and a strong commitment to affordability for Arizona students. At the same time, we must thoughtfully calibrate our tuition and fee setting each year to ensure the quality of our academic programs and student support services, as well as the financial sustainability of our institution, so we can continue to deliver valuable programs and experiences for generations of Lumberjacks to come.

Under the new Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) tuition-setting policy established in spring 2023, each university is authorized to adjust tuition within a maximum annual growth rate range between Fall 2024 and Fall 2029. This approach provides students and families a predictable range for tuition adjustments and allows the public universities to responsively adjust pricing to best sustain mission-driven investments and ensure operational sustainability while considering other important revenue streams including state appropriations, entrepreneurial activities, and philanthropic support.

Following deliberation over many months, including discussions with the University Budget Advisory Board to weigh key investments in NAU’s personnel, operations, and infrastructure with our vision to provide equitable and accessible value for our students, NAU has updated and posted online a full schedule of tuition and fee adjustments that will take effect next fall for the 2024-25 academic year:

NAU’s approach to tuition and fee setting and investment in personnel is aligned with ABOR’s proposed enhancements to university budgeting and financial management. As you can see, we determined to stay under authorized maximum increases in most categories under the university’s purview. To ensure that these investments from students and families have strong educational returns, please know that we have robust centralized controls to manage university investments, a healthy balance sheet, and appropriate checks and balances. Decisions throughout the university are made to meet our students’ needs, advance our distinct mission for serving the people and communities of Arizona, and continue to safeguard our financial condition. 

I look forward to our continued work in driving economic mobility and social impact for our graduates in the New Year and beyond.

In partnership,

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José Luis Cruz Rivera