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Satisfactory Academic Progress FAQ

Questions and answers about Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is here to support you every step of the way. Below are frequently asked questions about Satisfactory Academic progress, including how it works, evaluations, and more.

Does SAP federal policy apply to my NAU academic standing?

No. SAP rules and standards determine financial aid eligibility and do not govern academic standing.

I am in an NAU certificate program. How is my SAP calculated?

Evaluation for students in certificate programs takes place at the end of every semester. The calculations are the same as for students in degree programs; however maximum timeframe suspension is based on total attempted credit hours reaching the actual number of published credit hours required to complete the program. The 150% allowance does not apply. All other SAP requirements apply.

What if I’m seeking both an NAU certificate and a degree?

You’ll be evaluated based on SAP rules for a degree. Evaluation will be done annually and the 150% maximum timeframe allowance applies. For additional details, view Satisfactory Academic Progress. Contact us if you believe your SAP evaluation is incorrect.

Is my SAP evaluated in summer?

Yes. If you enroll in summer courses, SAP is evaluated after final summer grades post in August. If you’re suspended for pace of progress and/or GPA, you may regain your financial aid eligibility for fall by successfully earning summer credits.

I was suspended in May. Am I eligible to receive summer financial aid?

Yes. When SAP is evaluated after the spring semester, your SAP status is determined for the following academic year. You are still eligible for summer financial aid if you were in good standing or on probation for the preceding spring semester.

How does NAU academic renewal affect SAP?

SAP calculations are not reset because of academic renewal. Per federal regulations, all enrollment history is taken into account and all previously attempted credits and grades are included when SAP is evaluated, regardless of your approved academic recalculation.

What are “attempted” credit hours?

Credits attempted but not completed include grades of W, I, IP, AU (audited), blank grades, and grades that indicate unsatisfactory performance. Credits attempted and completed are all credits with passing grades, including transfer credits.

I’m working on my NAU thesis/dissertation. How do my IP grades affect my SAP standing?

IP grades are considered attempted, not completed; however, they might not cause SAP suspension for pace of progress. It depends on your pace percentage prior to accumulating them. Contact us if you’re placed on SAP suspension and believe your IP grades are inaccurately affecting your pace of progress. IP grades affect the maximum timeframe by counting toward total attempted credit hours. You will be required to appeal to regain financial aid eligibility if you are suspended for the maximum timeframe.

I’m working on an NAU bachelor’s degree and have been suspended for the maximum timeframe, but I’ve earned fewer than 180 credit hours. Why?

The 150-percent rule is the federal limit; however, we are required to evaluate your progress toward program completion prior to reaching this limit. Suspension occurs upon attempting at least 150 credit hours so we can ensure that you’re on track to graduate within the 180 credit hour limit. Follow the SAP appeal process if you wish be reconsidered for financial aid. A completed SAP Academic Plan is required.

How do my transfer credits affect my SAP standing?

Transfer credits posted on your unofficial transcript are counted toward both total completed and total attempted credit hours. Your pace of progress and maximum timeframe evaluations are both affected by these credits.

How are repeated courses evaluated for SAP?

Each semester the student is enrolled in the same course, it is counted as credit hours attempted. Repeated-course hours are counted as completed the first time a passing grade is earned. Other times the course is taken, the hours are counted as attempted but not completed, which affects your pace of progress evaluation.

I’m seeking a dual-major. How will my NAU financial aid eligibility be affected?

You’ll be suspended for the maximum timeframe once you have attempted 150 credit hours. You will be required to complete the SAP appeal process, including an SAP Academic Plan if you wish to be reconsidered for financial aid. Your progression toward completion of both degrees is considered.

I’ve earned my bachelor’s at NAU and now wish to go to graduate school. How does this affect my financial aid SAP evaluation?

This is known as a “career change”—you’re transitioning from an undergraduate to a graduate career—and your SAP calculations will be reset. Your attempted and completed credit hours that are used to calculate pace of progress and maximum timeframe standards start over at zero, as well as your cumulative GPA.

I’ve earned my bachelor’s at NAU and now wish to pursue a post-baccalaureate degree. How does this affect my financial aid?

Unless you change academic careers (see Q/A above), all attempted and completed hours are considered in the SAP calculation for your post-baccalaureate program. Credit hours transferred in from a bachelor’s degree are counted as well. Your current NAU cumulative GPA is also considered.

My SAP status says “unknown.” What does that mean?

We are unable to calculate your SAP status due to missing information, such as a term GPA. If no term GPA exists, then we are unable to calculate your cumulative GPA. Missing information causes financial aid SAP suspension and you are ineligible to receive federal, state, or institutional funding until this is resolved. You cannot appeal this status. This does not happen very often. Contact us with questions.

My NAU program requires more than the usual number of credit hours. Will I be suspended when I attempt more than the allowed amount?

All degrees requiring more credit hours than the standard amount are noted in the SAP evaluation process for maximum timeframe. Contact us if you believe you shouldn’t be on SAP suspension because of the length of your program. Visit Satisfactory Academic Progress for a complete listing of extended credit hour programs.