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Personalized learning processes

An explanation of the processes


New students for whom a financial aid file is complete and aid has been awarded will receive their disbursement on the seventh day of the subscription.

Continuing students for whom a financial aid file is complete and aid has been awarded will receive their disbursement as soon as the subscription begins and they become active in that subscription.

Lesson completion

All students are required to complete at least one assignment or discussion, in addition to passing an essay and a pre-test/post-test/post-project, to close a lesson. Students may select any assignment or discussion in the lesson to fulfill this requirement.

This applies to all students (not just those who are receiving financial aid) and ensures compliance with the US Department of Education’s guidelines on “regular and substantive interaction.” All completed lessons are considered “earned” and eligible for financial aid.

Questions regarding the assignment of credit and how to complete lessons should be directed to your faculty mentor. Questions regarding financial aid should be sent to

Payment period

The payment period is a concept used by the US Department of Education to define the period for which students receive federal financial aid. In the NAU Personalized Learning program, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain weekly academic activity and to successfully complete the credit hours for which they have received funding and a minimum of 26 weeks of instruction. Students are encouraged to work with their Personalized Learning mentor to ensure they complete their credit requirements and remain in good financial aid standing.

You may receive aid based on full-or-part-time enrollment and must meet the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive aid for subsequent subscriptions.

Payment of fees and refunds

Students’ financial aid will disburse and pay any university charges on their LOUIE account. If the student receives more aid than there are charges to pay, a refund will be processed by Student and Departmental Account Services (SDAS). Students are encouraged to set up a Direct Deposit account through LOUIE for faster delivery of the refund.

Subscription fees must be paid before the tenth day after a student begins a subscription to avoid being dropped for non-payment.

Students dropped for non-payment will not be responsible for the subscription charge; it will be removed from the student’s account. Any financial aid awarded to the student will be canceled and any coursework completed during the first 10 days of the subscription will be removed. Any fees paid out-of-pocket by the student will be refunded.

Subscription costs

For students in the CIT (undergraduate and graduate), SBA, LA, and Management programs, the cost of a six-month subscription is $3,200.

For students in the Nursing (undergraduate and graduate) programs, the cost of a six-month subscription is $3,950.

Weekly starts

Subscriptions begin every Wednesday. Students must contact their Academic Advisor to select a start date. During the advising appointment, your Advisor will ask if you intend to use financial aid to pay for your subscription; this determines the earliest date you may begin a subscription. Students may begin a subscription without having been awarded financial aid, however OSFA strongly encourages students wait until the appropriate year’s FAFSA has been filed.

New students must wait two weeks to start a subscription to allow OSFA adequate time to award and process financial aid. Continuing students who have received aid in the past must wait one week to allow OSFA adequate time to award and process financial aid.

Student not eligible for financial aid or those who wish to begin a subscription before they can be awarded must make alternative arrangements to pay their subscription charge on LOUIE.

Withdrawals and return of Title IV aid

If you are a registered student and wish to withdraw from classes, you may do so on LOUIE. If you are unable to complete the withdrawal process online, you may submit your request in writing using a form available on the Registrar’s website.

Students who officially withdraw from the Personalized Learning program will be subject to a federal withdrawal evaluation known as Return of Title IV. If the amount disbursed to you is greater than the amount you earned, the university must return any unearned funds to the US Department of Education, which may result in a balance on your LOUIE account.

Visit Student and Departmental Account Services for payment options if your Return to Title IV evaluation results in charges due back to NAU.

For NAU’s official Return of Title IV policy, review our withdrawal policy.

Personalized Learning policies

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Review our Satisfactory Academic Progress policy to learn more.