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Statewide campus admissions

Learn close to home as an NAU student

Being a Lumberjack enables you to learn at NAU satellite campuses and community colleges throughout Arizona. You’re not limited to Flagstaff—Northern Arizona University has locations around the state, and partnerships with every community college in Arizona, making it convenient to earn your degree at a campus close to you.

How do I apply to attend an NAU statewide campus?

Northern Arizona University has a unique partnership with every community college in Arizona, enabling students to pursue their degree with NAU. Depending on where a student is at in their educational journey, the process for admission will vary. Incoming freshmen looking to apply to an NAU campus can only apply to the Flagstaff mountain campus. Freshmen students enrolled in a community college may apply to NAU through the 2NAU program after their first semester at a community college. Learn more about NAU’s statewide campus locations and degree offerings to find the best fit for you.


I’m interested in applying as a:

Statewide campus admission requirements

NAU admission requirements are the same, regardless of where you learn. The differentiating factor for the process will be your student status.

Freshmen student admission requirements

If you’ll be graduating high school within a year, or have graduated from high school and have earned fewer than 12 college credits since graduating, then your student status is freshman. For statewide campus locations not including Yuma, it’s more cost effective to enroll as a community college students to complete your associate’s degree, then apply to the 2NAU program to complete your degree with NAU.

Complete freshman admission requirements

Transfer student admission requirements

If you’ve graduated high school and earned at least 12 college credits, then your student status is transfer.

Complete transfer admission requirements

Non-degree seeking student admission requirements

You’ll apply as an undergraduate non-degree-seeking student if you want to take six or fewer credits or want to take classes for personal enrichment without earning a degree.

Post-Baccalaureate student admission requirements

If you have previously earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and want to earn an additional bachelor’s degree, you should apply as a post-baccalaureate student.

Post-Baccalaureate admission requirements

Graduate student admission requirements

If you have earned a bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by an appropriate regional accrediting association, you are eligible to apply for admission to Northern Arizona University as a graduate student. 

Complete graduate admission requirements

2NAU: the best option for future community college transfers

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue an NAU degree are encouraged to do so through our 2NAU joint admission program. 2NAU allows undergraduate students to earn their associates degree at their local community college, then apply to NAU and upon admission, seamlessly transfer community college credits towards completion of a bachelor’s degree with us.

Lower tuition rates

Students at our Arizona statewide campuses can take advantage of convenient in-person learning options at lower tuition rates than at our Flagstaff Mountain campus. All NAU students receive the same access to resources and all the benefits of being a Lumberjack, regardless of which campus they attend.

View NAU tuition rates

Financial aid information

NAU Student Service Coordinators are here to help

NAU’s admissions professionals are referred to as Student Service Coordinators, and are available at many of the community colleges in Arizona. Their offices are located on those community college campuses, and offer tours and appointments as needed. Find your Student Service Coordinator contact information based on campus location.