ResNet Wired/Ethernet


Ethernet Ports

ResNet Ethernet access is available in most Residence Hall rooms. 

If there are three or more people living in your room and you need more Ethernet ports than there are people, please ask your Residence Hall front desk to supply a switch to you.

If your Ethernet port is connected to a white wireless access point hanging on the wall of your room and you need to use that Ethernet port, please do not unplug the Ethernet cord. This will degrade the wireless signal for you and everyone around you. Instead, please contact the Student Technology Center so that we can arrange for an Ethernet port to be installed in your room.

Otherwise, if you need access to more than one Ethernet port in your residence hall room, purchase an Ethernet switch, not a router. Unlike wireless routers, switches do not broadcast a wireless signal and will not interfere with with NAU's wireless network. Switches can be found on or any computer electronics store.

Free Ethernet Cables

The Student Technology Center offers one free Ethernet cable to all students who live on the Flagstaff campus (if you wish to use a wired Internet connection). To claim your free Ethernet cable, visit the Student Technology Center in building #64 (duBois Center, basement level) on South campus. Don't forget to bring your photo ID!


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