Telephone Service Charging Structure

Telephone Service Charging Structure

NOTE: Charging Structure will change effective July 1, 2016

The Following Describes The New Charging Structure:

Beginning in FY17, Information Technology Services will be changing the

methodology for billing department IDs for telephone and data services,

which will be known as a “network charge”. Both local and state department

IDs will be charged for network services automatically on a monthly basis

through PS Financials, similar to the current process for Administrative

Overhead. The charge for network services will replace all current telecom

charges with the exception of long-distance.

The charge for network services will be calculated as a percentage of the

personnel services expenses in the 711, 712, 713, 714, 715 account. The

percentage will be reevaluated each year based on a projected total of

personnel services expenses for the upcoming year.

For FY17, use a 1.0% rate to calculate the charge for the network

services, long-distance will be an additional charge

Long-distance will be charged separately to departments IDs with the

following changes.

Beginning in FY17, department IDs will be charged for in-state in

addition to out-of-state long-distance

Beginning in FY17, the long-distance rate will be reduced from $0.15

to $0.03

Both the network services and long-distance should be budgeted in account

class 740. Actual expenses will be charged in PS Financial account code

745101, Telephone Service.

In FY17, a one-time increase will be made to base state budgets by University

Central to cover the estimated additional expense that will be incurred by the

state department IDs. In subsequent years, budget reallocations within the

department IDs may be necessary to cover increases in this charge.

Recurring Charges


Charge Amount

Charge Description

Long Distance Calling (Domestic)

.03 cents per minute

Long Distance (Domestic)

One Time Charges


Charge Amount

Charge Description

800 Meet Me Line

$25 per hour

800 Meet Me Line

800 CenturyLink (CenturyLink Conference Calls)

Fee per minute of usage - .065 cents per minute, per caller

800 CenturyLink (CenturyLink Conference Call)

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Number Holding Charge


Reserve/Hold a DID number for future use

Equipment – Polycom CX600

$235 per device

Polycom CX600 IP Phone 

Equipment – Polycom CX3000

$805 per device

Polycom CX3000 IP Conference Room Phone 

Equipment – DUO/CX3000 MICS

$205 per device

Polycom DUO/CX3000 Microphones 

Equipment – Wireless Access Point

$646.91 per device

Cisco 3702i Wireless Access Point

Includes Licensing

Equipment – Patch Cables (Exceeding the Standard Length of 5ft.)

$1.00 per foot

Patch Cables (Exceeding the Standard Length of 5ft)

Equipment – Aastra 12SD


Aastra 12SD 12 Button Digital Phone

Equipment – Aastra ITE4


Aastra ITE4 Single line Digital Phone

Equipment – Analog Phone


Single Line Analog Desk or Wall Phone

Wiring Fees – Cabling (Wall Phone/Single)


Wiring Fees – Cabling for Wall Phone/Single (1 CAT6  Outlet)

Wiring Fees –  (Workstation)


Wiring Fees – Cabling for Workstation (2 CAT6 Outlets)

Service Fees - Labor (If Applicable)

$75.00 per hour

Service Fees – Labor for Billing Repairs

Current Charging Structure:

NAU local and grant funded accounts pay monthly for all equipment, line charges, in and out of state long distance, and information calls.

NAU accounts pay monthly for out of state long distance, information calls, and equipment detailed in the next paragraph. Calls to ASU and U of A will not be charged long distance.

Equipment currently connected to an extension that is charged against an NAU state funded account as of July 1, will be considered “grandfathered” and will not pay a monthly charge for that equipment.

Requests for new service will be provided a standard ITE4 (digital single line) or STE (analogue single line).

Requests for ITE12 speakerphones, ITE12 speaker display phones will be charged monthly.


Charge Detail Categories

Monthly Equipment Charges

STE desk $.64 Local accounts only
STE wall $.84 Local accounts only
ITE4 $2.25 Local accounts only
ITE12 * $4.00 Existing Local accounts only
ITE24 * $7.52 Existing Local accounts only
ITE12S $6.50 Local and State accounts
ITE12SD $8.00 Local and State accounts
ITE30SD *  $14.78 Local and State accounts

* These models are no longer available.

Monthly Line Charges

Access to telephone system (Dial Tone) $18.57
Microsoft Lync/Enterprise Voice $18.57
Voicemail $  2.00

Wiring Charges

New work station


New hall/wall phone


Special Orders

$ case by case

Data Network Upgrades

1000Mbs port connection


$ case by case

Note: Not available in Building #1 Gammage.


Equipment Repair Information

If you currently have a basic ITE12 phone that is not working and cannot be repaired, the technician can replace it with an ITE4 which would generate a $2.25 charge for a local account, and no charge for a state account. If you require a 12S or 12SD, your department will begin paying the monthly charge for that phone.

If you have lost your equipment, your department will be charged for the equipment replacement. If the equipment is physically broken, and the technician determines that the cause of the damage was due to abuse or misuse of the equipment, the department will be charged for the equipment replacement.

Equipment Replacement Costs

STE $40.00
ITE 4 $88.00
12SD $277.00


Training & Documentation

Information on long distance telephone calls at NAU