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Research support

SBS helps faculty in the pursuit of research

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers a robust research support program to help new and mid-career scholars secure external funding for their scholarly or creative ventures. Up to seven awards are expected annually from the program; however, future growth within the college could open eligibility for senior staff. 

Collaborative projects are encouraged. In recognition of this, part of the pool will specifically fund collaborative projects pursued by SBS faculty members.

Who and what kind of research does the program support?

Our research support program is dedicated to assisting faculty in accomplishing their ambitious goals. This includes:

  • enabling seasoned researchers who are seeking external funding of at least $100,000 for specific projects
  • aiding those striving to enhance publications with data collection such as pilot studies or proof-of-concept materials and who want to apply for competitive grants in the future
  • providing necessary resources that help scholars make significant progress on scholarship or creative activities with a potential reach into high-visibility outlets such as journals

Who is eligible?

Eligible faculty members are:

  • pre-tenure assistant professors and associate professors
  • lecturers, professors of practice, and clinical faculty (all levels)
  • teams of and faculty category or rank

What forms of support are available?

A full range of support for faculty research projects is available.

  • Tenured or tenure-track faculty may be awarded formal assigned effort for projects.
  • Non-tenure track faculty at any level are eligible for up to $3000 summer funding stipend.
  • Direct costs go toward research for all proposals with an allowance of up to $5000 or more with unit contribution.

Proposal and award recipient requirements

To successfully secure and utilize a grant, faculty must adhere to rigorous requirements.

  • Draft proposals require peer review for evaluative feedback prior to submission.
  • Funded faculty are required to meet with the Associate Dean about project deliverables and timelines before August 20th of the award year;  provide two reports outlining proposed outcomes—an interim report due February following award notification and a full report 12 months following the award; and attend professional development activities relevant to their awarded research.

Project outcomes will affect future eligibility.

How to apply

More information about how to apply to be announced Fall 2023.