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A teacher’s impact

Did you know NAU started as a school to educate teachers? The Class of 1901 was comprised of four women, all of whom received lifetime teaching certificates for the Arizona Territory. Learn more about NAU’s history at Cline Library’s Special Collections and Archives… Read more
Student teacher helps student with writing assignment.

Breaking the stigma of mental health

Diamond Bracey, Combined Counseling/School Psychology PhD student speaks about several hurdles when it comes to communities of color seeking professional help for mental health issues… Read more
N A U students walking on campus.

Biculturalism research project

Dr. Carlos Calderon’s current grant-supported project, “Assessing the temporal reliability of cognitive-achievement relations and factor structure of the Woodcock-Johnson (WJ) Tests of Cognitive Abilities and Academic Achievement,” is a series of research studies funded by the Woodcock Institute for the Advancement of Neurocognitive Research and Applied Practice. His grant started in March 2020 and will last until March 2022… Read more
N A U students walking on campus.

Navajo student earns her PhD

When she was in fourth grade, Esther Cadman’s teacher asked her a question that changed her life: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”… Read more
View of the mountains in Flagstaff.

Student wins annual 3MRP competition

Golden toads, the effect of uranium on human skin cells, research from hundreds of feet in the air and what asteroids tell us about the location of Planet X all got a brief—180 seconds, to be exact—moment in the spotlight this week at Northern Arizona University’s annual 3-Minute Research Presentation (3MRP) finals, held Tuesday at the High Country Conference Center… Read more
N A U students walking on campus.