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All freshmen visit Gateway First Year Advising to meet with their academic advisor. Once you are a sophomore, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from your major department. If your faculty advisor is not available and you need immediate assistance, contact one of our other college advisors.

Your support system

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Your academic advisors will help you shape your education and future career. We help you:

  • choose classes to satisfy degree requirements
  • complete graduation paperwork
  • plan your job search
  • find internships and employment opportunities
  • develop a winning résumé

You can find us in the Dean’s Office (Riles, building 15, room 200) or contact us by phone at 928-523-8632.

Meet our advisors

Other resources

Graduation information

In the semester before you graduate, review our graduation resources for the graduation workshop, application process, and deadlines. The academic requirements section of your Academic Advisement Report in LOUIE must be completely satisfied and collapsed after you enroll in your last semester of classes.

Please do the following as soon as you think you are ready to apply for graduation:

  • Enroll in your final semester.
  • Log into your LOUIE account. On your home page, click “Academic Progress” and navigate to your Academic Advisement Report.
  • Check to make sure this advisement report is collapsed. Not sure why it isn’t collapsed or satisfied? See common reasons below, and follow the directions.
    • You have not enrolled in all your courses yet: enroll in your courses then check your report. If you are unable to enroll, confirm these courses will fulfill your remaining requirements by referring to the catalog and/or scheduling an appointment with your advisor ASAP.
    • Study Abroad (CIE 499) has a grade of Incomplete: contact Education Abroad to see when your coursework will post. Not sure your study abroad courses will fulfill your remaining requirements? Contact your advisor ASAP.
    • Transfer work isn’t posted to your Transfer Credit Report, or is still to be completed: contact your advisor ASAP to confirm this transfer work will satisfy your remaining requirements and post to your account.
    • Courses for your requirements are falling into the General Electives area instead of where they should be: contact your advisor ASAP.
    • You are in the wrong classes and will not satisfy your remaining requirements with the courses you have taken or are currently enrolled in: contact your advisor ASAP to coordinate changing your schedule.
    • Have a plan that is NOT in the College of Arts and Letters that is showing as not satisfied: please contact that department. Look up your advisor contacts in LOUIE. If you do not have an advisor listed, contact University Advising for help.
  • Once you have completed the above steps, apply for graduation.

Deadlines for graduation application

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Please review the application deadlines to avoid paying any penalties.

If you need help or have questions regarding your graduation application, please contact your faculty advisor or Student Services at the College of Arts and Letters at 928-523-8632.

Important dates and deadlines