Instructional Leadership, emphasis: K-12 School Leadership (MEd)
Asher Robinson accepts his award from Dean Boyer on the morning of Commencement in the Riles Building

Outstanding Graduate from the Department of Theatre: Asher Robinson

Asher has always been enamored with storytelling, and theatre captured him at first glance. “It’s a fully interpretative art—everything means something because you and the viewer give it meaning,” he says. “I love knowing how every little choice adds to the story—the writing, the set, the costumes, the lighting—on top of the actors you’re caring for onstage.”

Coming to NAU despite the pandemic, Asher appreciated the chance to get to learn all about lighting as it was something he’d never imagined before. “As someone who had barely touched dimmable light switches before, I found what I was meant for when I discovered that lighting design was real. If you bring up anything about light now or show me anything, I’ll ramble on about its effect and how the light is created.”

Overall, Asher owes the gratitude of a million suns to every single member of the theatre faculty. “Every single one of them has been my biggest support in learning and doing what I want to do. Every leadership and great experience I’ve had in college is owed to their care in who I’ve become. They’ve all believed in me during the moments I couldn’t believe in myself and they aren’t afraid to help me grow into the best I can be. I could never thank them enough, and I would have never been so well rounded without every single one.”

He also appreciates the efforts that they bring to the department in order to make theatre accessible and caring. He truly felt that theatre at NAU was a home. Asher will be heading to Utah Shakespeare Festival for summer stock work. While he’s not sure what will happen after this, he knows he has the tools to succeed. “Every place and job will have something to offer and something for me to learn—I’m excited to see where my story goes from here.”