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Commission on Commissions (CoCom)

The purpose of the Commission on Commissions is to support, broaden, and enhance the ability of each commission’s impact on the campus community through intersectional partnerships among the member commissions. The CoCom provides a bridge so that the independent work of each commission can be amplified, bringing additional voices and greater visibility to identified issues. The CoCom provides a forum to discuss the ongoing work, objectives, and goals of each commission to foster those activities and capitalize on intersectional ties when appropriate.

CoCom is a co-equal partner with the other diversity commissions and does not supersede or obviate the role or activities of the member commissions. CoCom serves in an advisory capacity to the NAU administration, including the Office of the President and the Equity and Access Office, in matters of diversity and inclusion. Along with the individual diversity commissions, CoCom has the joint responsibility of examining and recommending policies, practices, and programs that affect such efforts in the NAU community.

CoCom members

CoCom Chair

Commission on Disability Access and Design (CDAD)

Commission on Ethnic Diversity (CED)

Commission for Indigenous Peoples (CIP)

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

LGBTQIA Commission