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Now that you’ve graduated, see how you can be involved with the alumni network we are creating.


There is a growing need for experts in the field of women's and gender studies in professions from law to medicine to government service—yet women's and gender studies programs remain severely threatened in the face of mass education cuts.

After learning and preparing to become change agents in the classroom, our students go on to become activists who pose the questions that ultimately push the world forward. This is no small thing: if activists never questioned authority or tradition, no woman today would have the right to vote, African Americans wouldn't have the right to freedom and equality, and gays would never gain the right to marry.

Our program relies on the generous support from you, our donors, so that we can continue educating students in understanding the ways race, class, ethnicity, nationality, sexual identity, and age shape gender realities—and so they can graduate into the world with the tools they need in order to contribute to the quest for equality.