Research Support

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences’ research support program is designed to increase time and material support for SBS new and mid-career scholars to pursue development of successful proposals for external funding. It is also designed to assist with scholarly and creative projects with potential for high visibility/impact dissemination. A small number of awards (approximately 5-7) are expected.  Growing indirect returns to the college will support expansion of the number of awards made in subsequent years, including opening eligibility to senior faculty. Collaborative projects are encouraged; a portion of funding pool will be earmarked for collaborative projects.  

The Research Support Program is designed to support: 

  • Faculty with strong research records to support research projects to build on existing efforts to support a competitive grant application for external funding with minimum of $100,000 direct costs.  
  • Faculty seeking to build and strengthen research publication record through the collection of data (e.g., pilot data, proof of concept) to be able to apply for competitive grant applications in near future.
  • Faculty seeking to make substantial progress on scholarship or creative activity with potential to be published/disseminated in high impact/visibility venues. 


  • Pre-tenure Assistant Professors and Associate Professors. 
  • Lecturers, Professors of Practice and Clinical Faculty (all levels).
  • Teams may include any category or rank of faculty. 

Forms of Support: 

  • Tenured or tenure-track faculty may be awarded incremental or redirected formal assigned effort (during AY) to the project/endeavor for tenure eligible faculty.
  • Non-tenure track faculty (Lecturers, Professors of Practice, at any level) are eligible for up to $3000 stipend (scaled to project) summer funding.
  • Each proposal (regardless of number of researchers) is eligible for direct costs of research up to $5000; or higher with unit contribution.

Requirements of Reward Receipt: 

  • Resulting grant applications require peer review of draft proposal (internal or external, as orchestrated by college) that will provide evaluative feedback to strengthen proposal before submission. 
  • Funded faculty must meet with Associate Dean about project deliverables and timeline before October of year awarded. A full report about project outcomes is due no later than 12 months following the award. A written performance evaluation of project completion will be provided to faculty in order to submit with faculty’s annual evaluation materials (per unit policy).  
  • Outcomes will affect future eligibility

Application Procedures:

Applications are due by March 10, 2017.

Awards will be announced by April 21, 2017

Submit PDF to (cc

Email subject heading: SBS_Research_Proposal_LASTNAME

Please submit application in PDF, no longer than 5 pages.

  1. Names, ranks, and affiliations of all PIs. If there are non-NAU collaborators, please include their names and affiliations.  
  1. Title of Proposal
  1. Brief description of proposed scholarship/research/creative activity (maximum 200 words).
  1. How will this project support your scholarly/creative goals as a faculty member? (maximum 150 words)
  1. Brief description of scholarship/creative activity that has led to this proposal.  If a new area of interest, please describe why you are pursuing new direction (maximum 200 words)
  1. Requests for Support
  2. Time:  Any request by Tenure-track/tenured faculty for additional SoE allocation to research/scholarly activity (above their current allocation) must include a description of their 2017-2018 SoE allocation to research/scholarship (% of effort and detail justifying % of effort) and rationale for the need for additional allocation (e.g., course reassignment to research). If the proposal is a collaborative endeavor, all eligible NAU collaborators must address the request for additional time. 
  3. Funds: Any request for direct funds must include a detailed budget and justification for each expense. Projects are limited to $5,000; or higher with unit contribution.
  1. Specify funding cycle: 1) June 1, 2017-May 31, 2018 or 2) September 1, 2017-August 31, 2018.
  1. Provide project timeline, brief overview of tasks and deliverables by month for selected funding cycle (if multiple investigators, delineate responsibilities). 
  1. Qualifications:  Each investigator must answer
  2. Briefly describe why your experience and qualifications make you particularly well-suited for your role in the project that is the subject of the application (maximum 100 words).
  3. Previous Activities (describe any / all that are relevant).
    1. Peer-Reviewed Research. A list of selected peer-reviewed publications based on importance to the field and/or relevance to the proposed research. Do not include references to manuscripts submitted or in preparation (maximum 1 page).
    2. Creative Activities. List selected creative projects based on importance to the field and/or relevance to the proposed project (maximum 1 page).
    3. Scholarship. List other books/manuscripts or other types of scholarship projects based on importance to the field and/or relevance to the proposed project (maximum 1 page).
    4. Research Proposals Submitted.  List research proposals submitted and grants or contracts awarded over the last five years.

All applications will be reviewed by unit chair/director and a committee of faculty and college leaders. Unit chairs work with the college to support faculty with resources required for successful completion of the project.