Parks and Recreation Management Program

Northern Arizona University has been offering Bachelor of Science degrees in Recreation since 1961. We offered our online Parks and Recreation Management (PRM) Certificate in 2001 and the first accredited online Bachelor of Science degree in Parks and Recreation Management in 2003. We began offering innovative 2 year and 3 year degree completion progression plans in Fall of 2012. The PRM faculty have continually demonstrated a commitment to providing a unique, diverse and innovative student centered educational experience. The Parks and Recreation Management Program is located in the Geography, Planning and Recreation Department, a unit within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

New Graduate Program: Master's of Science in Parks and Recreation Management

We are offering a new graduate program starting in Fall 2018! Find out more about the Master's of Science in Parks and Recreation Management.  


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The NAU Parks and Recreation Management Program is accredited through the NRPA via COAPRT 

Important Information Regarding Degree Mills  

Please watch this important video ( regarding degree and accreditation mills. According to CHEA, "Degree mills and accreditation mills mislead and harm. In the United States, degrees and certificates from mills may not be acknowledged by other institutions when students seek to transfer or go to graduate school. Employers may not acknowledge degrees and certificates from degree mills when providing tuition assistance for continuing education. “Accreditation” from an accreditation mill can mislead students and the public about the quality of an institution. In the presence of degree mills and accreditation mills, students may spend a good deal of money and receive neither an education nor a useable credential." Read more on CHEA's website (

The Parks and Recreation Management Program is accredited by the Council of Accreditation for Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT). The PRM program prepares professionals for rewarding positions in the exciting field of parks, recreation and leisure services through traditional campus and online courses. We promote, experiential education, and real-life challenges, which teach students to plan, organize and facilitate challenging and satisfying leisure service programs to meet the needs of an ever-changing population. We offered the first (2003) and still the only COAPRT accredited online Bachelor of Science degree in Parks and Recreation Management.

The Parks and Recreation Management Program offers a Bachelor of Science Degree. Faculty in the program have diverse interests and experience in outdoor leadership, community recreation management, park and resource protection, recreation programming, interpretation, outdoor recreation research, recreation site and area planning.

Emerging trends in leisure and recreation underscore the dynamic environment in which the recreation professional must be prepared to function. In this dynamic setting, recreation professionals are leaders whose vital role it is to ensure the availability of future park, recreation and leisure service opportunities. 

The Parks and Recreation Management Program is housed in NAU's Social and Behavioral Science West building. Here, students have access to the latest computer technology and equipment.