Summer 2017 Calendar

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Session Deadlines


Summer 2017
3 Week
12 Week
1st 5 Week
10 Week
2nd 5 Week
First Day of Session5/15/20175/15/20176/5/20176/5/20177/10/2017
Last Day for 100% Refund5/22/20175/29/20176/12/20176/19/20177/17/2017
Last Day to Add to Wait List5/15/20175/23/20176/6/20176/11/20177/11/2017
Last Day to Add5/16/20175/24/20176/7/20176/12/20177/12/2017
Last Day to Drop/Delete (without "W")5/18/20176/5/20176/12/20176/21/20177/17/2017
Last Day to Drop with "W"5/24/20176/30/20176/22/20177/13/20177/27/2017
Last Day to withdraw from ALL classes in session5/31/20177/29/20177/1/20177/31/20178/5/2017
Last Day of Session6/2/20178/8/20177/3/20178/8/20178/8/2017


View the Extended Campuses calendar, for more important dates and information.

Grading Schedule

Session Codes

Summer Classes Ending on or Before June 4


N3A – DD1

Summer Classes Ending Between June 5 & July 9


N5A – DD2

Summer Classes Ending Between July 10 – Aug 8


N5B, N10, N12, DD3

Last day for enrollment processing

May 31

June 28

July 31

Generate Final Grade Rosters

June 1

June 29

August 1

Faculty to Begin Grade Entry

June 1

June 29

August 1

Last day of finals

June 4

July 9

August 8

Grades Due

June 8

July 13

August 16

Post Grades

June 9

July 14

August 17

All Grading Processes Completed

August 18

August 18

August 18